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        • Ren does translations as him primary job though right? and i like rylains translations much more then he-mans.. idk if he-man was a native english speaker or not, but his translations definitely read like he was chinese with english as a 2nd language to me.


        • @Carl Actually, Ren has a normal job too. That’s why he had to shift from 3 chapters a day to 2. He sends the first out during his lunch break, and spends his all time home that night working on the rest. As much as I appreciate the great work he’s doing, I wouldn’t wish that lifestyle on anyone. Rylain is still a lot faster then a lot of other translators out there. The average translating speed for this stuff tends to be a chapter a week. That means that when you have a translator like Rylain that’s both fast and high quality, you should appreciate it. Believe me, I do.


        • @blue i agree with blue on this one caus rylain translation is alot batter and faster than a lot of other translation out there


        • My original comment was Rylain was getting faster, his comment to that was someone told him he was slow so I thought they was comparing him to Ren or He-man. I should have said not everyone has to be like them, I like Rylain speed and I know he will deliver a chapter as soon as he can with great accuracy.

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        • No prob dude~~ being able to continue reading this story as fan I am extremely grateful to you for taking the time out of you life to translate this because of it wasn’t for you and other translators I would have had to learn the language to which is impossible at the moment as I’m currently battling the Japanese language


        • Ah, Japanese is easier. It is sort of similar to English in that the characters all have a fixed way of reading them, as well as the vocabulary being formed by several characters. Only the sentence structure is different if I recall?


        • it seems like yea got some big dreams… well.. gl on learning it then


        • Oh, we’re similar… I’ve been studying Japanese for 2-3 hours a day for 2 years. Almost half of 3 at this point. Finally achieved near Native level speech… My pronunciation is apparently native, but I just fuck up my grammar every now and then when speaking… Fuck.. xD. Anyhow, the point is, don’t give up! It’s fricking worth it! Plus, there are so many cool Japanese novels to read! Haha.

          (Since I just need to continue speaking to get rid of those grammar fuck ups… I’ve switched my daily Japanese time to Korean… Wish me luck… xD).

          And good luck to you!


      • Cheers for the chapters Rylain 😀 Please don’t skip the translations or us leechers will wither and die 😦


      • Thanks for the translation Rylian, and I agree with Schaikur. Just ignore those people since you have stated your reasons for why you are not co-operating with other translators. Can’t wait for the next chapter. XD


        • How many times does Rylian need to explain why he likes to work SOLO. 😀 He does such a great but people always ask the same thing. 😀 agreeing with Omnigil and Schaikur.


      • Your the best don’t mind those aholes, your english is top class unlike the other people who is translating this novel. Keep it up and thank you so much for your hard work! I’m a huge fan of your work and this novel.


    • sorry for being rude, but just f#ck off to thunder translation, and don’t stroll here !
      you are wasting rylain time , on asking stupid request! @sshole!


        • Hi,

          Allow me to explain from my point of view:

          1. It did not seem like a request.

          2. It is not much different (apart from being direct) to linking to another translation. Such actions are indirectly saying:

          a) Someone already did this chapter. If you want to retain your Readers, like me, you had better skip translating this chapter and do another.

          b) I am intentionally linking this here / stating it here so that I take along other Readers to gather support in forcing you to skip translating this chapter.

          c) And yeah, I came over to your house, raided your fridge, pooped in your toilet without flushing, and now its time to visit another person’s house to do the same. By the way, nice house.

          3. Since this did not seem like a question, I am assuming that it was intentional in wanting to force me to go into a conflict with other translators.

          So, if you were completely unaware that I had previously stated (countless times) that I am translating Stellar Transformations as a solo project, then I apologise. However, if you were aware, then my points above stand.

          I will be doing an update of the Noticeboard this weekend so that there will be no more benefits of doubt. It is my fault to have assumed that all Readers are generally tactful and/or grateful.


        • Yes, I need more sleep, but when you are told to ‘just do’ something, it’s not a request.

          Just shut up and think it over.

          That’s an example. Be responsible for the words you use.


        • @IAmLooKING That’s just class, to refute a logical statement(s) by a single, disparaging ad hominem comment: “You must be a girl on your period”. Please stop propagating mediocrity and silly infantile behaviour. We have enough people whose brains when put into birds will cause them to fly backwards. Also, you’re plant-like enough not to get sarcasm as well.

          @Rylain Keep up the good work; shit happens, but you’re by far one of the better translators out there – thanks for the weekly fun.


        • I appreciate the translation but we all know you don’t talk like that IRL so sdfu put down the the thesaurus you dip sht I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t appreciate her translations but thgst doesn’t give her the right to be an asshole for no reason and no there is no such thing as one of the better tanslaters every translated for the most part well so stop dickriding

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  1. An impudent question(suggestion?): now that thunder is translating the later chapters, how about you strive for your original goal of retranslating the series from the beginning? If I remember correctly you started translating ST because you disagreed with some parts of the original translation and wanted to put up your own version? And you only started with the later chapters instead of the first chapter because you wanted the translated part to continue on first? Now that thunder is also providing translated content isn’t it a good opportunity for you to start from chapter one?


    • Hi TuHnIx,

      I do not care what others do. What I am bothered about, is people telling me what I should be doing. I am perfectly fine with starting from the beginning as it is completely within my capabilities, but you have to be careful and responsible for what you wish for. There is no turning back.


    • As an additional information, I do disagree with some terms, and I can give examples. For example, Mystic Immortal. I disagree with that, and it should have been Profound Immortal (i.e. An Immortal with unfathomable capabilities). However, I am being restricted from a ‘continuation’ translation, so my original intention is to finish with whatever, then do a U-turn and update the terms as I translate along. This method will be a lot easier for Readers than me, the translator. When I’ve finished the novel, I’ll do a complete updating of terms back from where I had started off continuing.

      There are people who refer to me as a villain, and still do. Rather than a mish-mash of multiple chapters by multiple translators taped together, hosted at different sites, I have attempted to standardise all terms and chapters into one single place. Now, for people who disagree with what I have done: Think it over by yourselves.

      For the ignorant lot of people:

      From Book 11 Chapter 14, at 6 chapters behind a mix of translations, to overtaking the mix of translations, to the current state of this blog. Unmotivated my monetary benefits. Try saying that the amount of work put in is by any means less. Read from Book 11 Chapter 14 to the latest released chapter, sit down, and think it over.

      Dare you do what needed to be done?

      “He took over, and he said: ‘If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of disorder, so be it.'” – Recalling how former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping dealt with the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests — Lee Kuan Yew.

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      • I was only thinking it would be easier for you to start from ch.1 and am indeed thankful to you for choosing not to do so
        If my above comment in any way suggested dissatisfaction I apologize and can only blame written text not being able to properly convey my meaning (well that and the fact I’m not very good with words)
        So to clarify:
        I am an extremly happy leecher who is grateful to you for translating and continuing to translate as you have been until now instead of choosing to start from chapter one(which I have been wondering about)
        Thank you

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  2. thanks a lot rylain, although thunder might be on chapter 54 or whatever, im still sticking to yours, keep up the good work…


  3. people are jerks you put in so much work for free and people act like you do NOTHING!

    but I want to leave a comment thanking you for the hard work you put in for us so thank you very much ^^


  4. Normally leech but the annoying comments have driven me to log in and say: Thank you for your hard work so far delivering this to the rest of us. I appreciate both the quality and speed that you release. Don’t listen to the naysayers and just do what works for you. Thanks again.

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  5. I don’t mind you taking a break. I’m willing to wait for accurate translations. Other translators of ST are often less accurate, or have problems with spelling/grammar checking. Also, they aren’t as involved in the project as you are. You often talk to us in the comment section, even giving us updates on progress. Rylain, you don’t just provide translations for the community, you’re an active member yourself who joins in on the conversations.

    There might always be a few people who pester you over stupid things. But I hope in the future it won’t affect your translations. Because you have a loyal fanbase who’d rather wait for your translations. If it really gets bad, maybe add a “FAQ” page to the site so they at least won’t have an excuse saying they didn’t know about [insert dumb questions].

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    • I’ve actually fallen sick again, second time in three weeks. As a result, I’m easily irritable at the moment. I’ll need the break.


      • Take all the breaks you need seriously, also just add some huge banner saying “I FLY SOLO BOYS!” so people will stop asking to collab and stuff. Clearly not enough people read the comments to understand your view point so copying it to an FAQ or something would probably prevent a lot of these stupid comments.

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  6. To all the guys linking to other translations on this site,

    Don’t you have any shame or feel any gratitude towards Rylain at all?

    He clearly stated that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with other translators regarding ST.

    So how can you be so audacious and link other translations here or insult him for ‘slow’ translations which they aren’t.

    Like holy shit, this is all voluntary work from Rylain you morons.

    Sorry for the insults but some people are just beyond me…

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    • This whole concept a large number of translators seem to have (where they think that as they started translating a work first, that somehow this equates to them owning said work) is pretty weak.

      There are a large number of translators who rely on “donations” as their source of income. A 600 chapter story translated for (to use an example completely off the top of my head) $80 a chapter minus say 100 chapters which the translator provides as “free” chapters would net that translator $40,000 plus advertising $ from their site. If they take 2 hours to translate a chapter they could conceivably be taking in $75,000+ a year, simply by translating multiple works and working a 40 hour week.

      Not bad for translating works they don’t own the copyright too. And a pretty good motive to try and make out any other translators “stealing” a work (that they don’t own the rights to) out to be villains as competition means less donations.


      • “If they take 2 hours to translate a chapter…” — I think that is an overly optimisitic estimation for a proper translation even Ren takes 3 hours to properly translate a chapter of Coiling Dragon and he has gotten used to the writter’s style of writing and terminology as well as translated a large number of chapters already. I would estimate for a beginner or the start of a new Chinese web novel (Assuming chapter length similar to the current chapter length of Coiling Dragon) it would be more like 3.5-5 hours per chapter until the translator the translator gets used to it assuming of course the translator has a decent grasp of both languages and a consistent chapter size. I’ve tried both translating and editing myself and I personally know quite a few translators I follow a ton of novels (I have read probably at least 500 volumes worth of Japanese. Korean, and Chinese webnovel and light novel translations) and within a time constraint of 2 hours I could only think that an novel like Battle Through the Heavens might be within that range and that is half or less than half the length of a standard Steller Transformations or Coiling Dragon chapter.

        Let’s say translator X they only works weekdays at a standard 8 hour day and take weekends as a break translating at $80 a chapter for 2 chapters a day(7-10 hours of translating) is only $160 a day ranging from $16-$22 an hour dependent on speed and demand(you can’t make that much if the novel is not poppular) and then subtract website hosting costs which go up the more popular your site gets event to the point where a large ammount of ads would be needed before that could even be covered. So if a translator were to do that as a living that’d only be 40,000 a year and without enough time to support a proper full-time job as well. So “conceivably be taking in $75,000+ a year” is BS and the reality would probably only be half of that or even less because of lack of interest, getting sick, holidays, vacations etc you are realistically looking at something like 20,000-35,000 a year which is definately not livable with a decent quality of life. That is all asuming ideal conditions, proper tranlsations with a least one proofread(to get rid of simple errors) and you even get money to translate what you are translating.

        If you do it as a hobby on the side but at the start you make nothing and sink in 3-5 hours a day into at minimum, more if dealing with comments and even more for hosting and maintaining your website for a mere $80 extra a chapter(3.5-5hours worth of time).

        I won’t say that there is no monetary motivation to be used in translating but considering the hours people put in to it is honestly worth something and most translators bother to give it for free. Don’t try to twist a translator’s work into something that almost sounds greedy. If the make some money, they worked for it as if they had worked any other job.

        I hope I made a point and did not piss anyone off too much I just wanted to make the above arguement more accurate. I don’t care if you have guesses but at least back it up with some basis I mean where did you get the time 2 hours? If you’d like me to break down why something that seems like so little text could take so long to translate I’d be happy to elaborate


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        • If you want more accurate figures:

          1. A minimum of US$15 / day from ads.
          2. Web hosting costs negligible (US$3 / month)
          3. Time spent is subjective, depending on quality. Usual average is 6 hours / chapter as a rule of thumb.

          These are just facts, not an argument. You can all make your own opinions base on these figures.


        • Hmm that definitely is more accurate I guess I may have underestimated how much can be made from adds. I also see I may have even still been a bit optimistic on the time it takes for all translators to translate chapters as well. Oh well now I can say things more accurately next time and with data from a translator.

          I guess I should stop going into rant mode without more thorough research.
          Well anyways before I go off on another random tangent; thank you for the information.

          Have a good break and thanks for the chapters(and previews) you’ve translated so far. They are greatly appreciated. Also I’m really liking Transcending the Nine Heavens. So far it seems full of potential.


        • Hehe, everyone’s numbers are different. For example, a $3/month shared space isn’t going to hack it when you are getting hundreds of thousands of views a day; I’m currently paying around $150/month for a VPS with extra RAM and cores, and thinking about getting a second one for load balancing, depending on how viewership grows next month. I also pay $200/mth for Cloudflare’s ‘business’ plan which comes with extra anti-DDOS protection (thinking about cancelling it and using other tools), and in this month alone, paid out around $500 to the various people/freelancers who helped me do backend coding/troubleshoot/optimize/anti-DDOS harden the site (which is why it is now very stable). Fortunately, higher pageviews does mean more ads which does mean the costs are definitely still covered, but yeah…everyone’s numbers are different.

          Okay, way past my bedtime xD

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  7. See…Now what I am worried for is happening because of unnecessary comment, why people can not just enjoy what she already done and thanks for that?… Rylain, I am personally feeling so sorry for those stupid comments, and wanna thank you so much for what you have done, of course I wanna said please don’t stop translating ST, but if you already made choice to stop for a while I will apriciate it and will waiting until you will start to translate it again… thank you thank you n thank you very much for what you have done for me with the translation.

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    • I love the series. I only found this page last week, so I have no idea what the speed on the translations are. I just know that a new chapter has come out since I started. I only have one complaint, so far.

      I’ve read almost all the way down the page, and I’m noticing something. There are minimal amounts of jerkish comments compared to the positive. It just seems like most of these commenters are focusing specifically on the few negative ones, even though they’re so severely outnumbered.

      It’s the internet. There are lots of pricks that, even if they like the series, are still going to say bad things. It just seems like so many people are focusing on the few over the many too much. Including the translator, apparently. I’m seeing this as basically a threat because of the low % that are being pricks.


      • You have a valid point, but it’s not so much of a threat.

        I stayed up late nights to do 3 chapters a week. Then someone comes and say that I am little slow. Even though I tried to ignore such comments, I can’t seem to focus while translating the next chapter.

        Unnecessary thoughts such as ‘What, I do so much yet I am still slow?’ , ‘Yeah, but there a lot more people who appreciated what I did’ , ‘You are an idiot, why are you staying up late again for people like them?’ , ‘What are you trying to accomplish doing these?’ etc. popped up.

        Before I knew it, something that should have taken me 20 minutes to translate, instead took 1 and a half hour. I figured that I needed some time to cool down instead of being inefficient.


        • Take all the time you want. As was mentioned before, if you’re doing more then a chapter a week you’re way faster then most. Honestly, that’s the thing I found most amusing about your time out. You’re taking a brake, and taking a WHOLE WEEK to do the next chapter! Your break is to reduce yourself to a normal translation speed.

          Basically, what I’m trying to say is, don’t doubt yourself. You’re obviously doing this because you enjoy it. Don’t let a few rotten apples make you start doubting yourself and suck the fun out of this for you. You are doing a good job by any objective standard, and I honestly hope you keep it up for a long time to come. 🙂


        • Hey buddy, keep your chin up! I (and every other translator in the history of web translation) know exactly how you feel. Even though you (we) logically know that 90% of readers never comment, and 19 out of 20 commenters are supportive, there’s always that remaining 1 that really sticks out and sticks in your craw, no matter how much you try and ignore them.

          Heck, I’ve gotten more support than probably any web translator in history, and I still felt so indescribably angry (although I didn’t explicitly voice it) when a commentor dismissed me as ‘no longer taking Coiling Dragon seriously’ because…drumroll…I reduced my weekly chapters from 21/week to 17/week out of exhaustion. Or the people who, a few months back, dismissed me as saying I ‘always do four chapters a day on weekends’ and it was nothing special (one of the major reasons I stopped). So I get it, buddy. I really do.

          Honestly, this is why having ‘competing’ translations or ‘translation poaching’ is so destructive, despite what some readers (and translators) think. Competing translations often leads to the slower translator feeling discouraged and eventually dropping the project, in large part because after spending hours on a chapter, they will get comments from readers like “this was done already by XXXX, why’d you do this” which destroys morale. Repeat it a few times (because yes, someone will eventually do this to the ‘new’ translator as well), and you will have five, six, or seven or more ‘versions’ of the translation spread across multiple sites, destroying all continuity and readability. This happened to Aequitas’ group when you outpaced them, and now it’s happening to you with thunderhill outpacing you. Alas, it is an ugly, ugly thing.

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        • I understood that, which was why to prevent continuity and readability from getting any worse, I personally did what I felt had to be done. Everyone has different opinions, but I was prepared to take on the “villain’s role”, so to speak.

          Personally, even though the matters are related, I do not find fault with any of the other translators. Readers should learn to be responsible for what they comment.

          I mean, imagine the scenario where a person is to tell someone with suicidal thoughts because things happen to be going badly for him/her, ‘many people commit suicide to end things, you can just go and die already.’ You don’t blame the bad incidents that happen, because they are out of your control. However, those trigger comments are the key factors.

          When toxic comments like these happen, rather than letting it continue to happen, I feel that I should curb it while I cool it off, instead of letting it weigh me down as I trudge along.

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        • Sadly, the way it generally works out is this; as you slow down and ‘fall behind’ further, the comments will increase, not decrease. Either way, good luck 🙂


        • I can understand a few people getting on your bad side. But please don’t make the good ones suffer. Ban the jerk ip’s, maybe? I know they can just wipe it, but it should still slow them down a bit.

          As I said above, I just started reading them so I didn’t know your speed was 3 a week. These chapters seem to be quite a bit longer than most of the web novels I read, so I think it’s a good speed. I know a series with similar length chapters that we’re lucky to get 1 a month of. And I’m assuming you’re being compared to Ren, probably. He’s a monster, and he’s doing it for money (Hi, RWX. But you really are a monster translator).

          I love the series, and I don’t mind waiting a couple days for such long chapters (I know some of them were short, but quite a few are pretty long). So please please PLEASE don’t let that small number of pricks take away the enjoyment of the ones of us who seriously enjoy your work.


    • @RWX. I never usually comment but i imagined something hilarious. Someone trying to outpace Ren….registering….processing…IMPOSSIBLE. Btw just cheer up Rylain and keep translating. I am just a leecher and although I was mad at you at first, I like your work.

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        • For starters i don’t have one. I just book mark wt ever i like so my phone is full of bookmarks….😇


        • lol you too? i just book mark it all in mine macbook… and like just refresh them all 10 times a day lol
          even if i know some only translate once a week, like just in case lol

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  8. I read Thunders translations and I really didn’t like his style. I’m not saying its bad or worse but I think it was too simple and lacked a bit of polish. the constant changing of translators in word master has pretty much driven me to drop the series. I’m glad you’re continuing in order and ignoring the other translators changing peoples names every other chapter gets to be annoying also things should be in proper english (not being in past tense is one of my biggest pet peeves) and you are one of the few ones who translate it that way.


    • *which is a bit ironic since my post rambled on way too much at the end. I wish there was a edit button 😛


    • Just to clarify, I do not hold it against him wanting to translate, and I do not personally find fault with him.

      I was also prepared to take on the role of a villain when I took up translation, in order to get things done right.

      However, if people are to start getting ideas to demand translators to do certain things, then something needs to be done to curb it.

      This week will be a preliminary measure, while I complete Transcending The Nine Heavens’ backlog and quota.


      • thank you and take your time with the ST and looking forward to more ch of TTNH
        and your speed is in no way slow 1 ch a week is already fast


  9. oh well guess i will start reading transcending the nine heavens now :D, btw thanks for all your hard work and effort spent translating stellar transformations.


  10. Hey Rylain, it seems that you’ve been taking all of the comments you get to heart. Some of which are obviously annoying leecher “suggestions” (demands). So far you have been eager to please all the commenters, but its lead to you feeling this way. I would “suggest” you somehow ignore the comments that get to you, and perhaps enjoy the well wishing comments (there’s a lot of them).

    I’ll get off my soapbox now, and just say thanks for the translations they’be been a joy to read.


  11. I find the translations here higher quality than what’s provided by thunder, so I don’t mind waiting a bit more.
    It’s especially visible with the special terms (what’s with “mystic class item”, for example? it makes very little sense in english).

    Take all the time you need to heal yourself, translations you do are not paid by us, so it’s really up to you as for when you want to put time on it.
    I’m already grateful of being able to read chapter semi-regularly, because the novel is interesting.


  12. Thanks for all the translation you have done (and will do) i really enjoy you tranlation
    You translation dont give me headace
    I really apreciate you work

    THANKS 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Soory for my english


  13. Honestly, I like your translations, they’re high quality and the speed is also quite high. Some of the terminology i’ll admit annoyed me(mostly sound transfer, and chuanyin) but that was pretty much just the fact that I wasnt used to it. Quality > Quantity.


  14. Nay-Sayers be damned! The world of XiuXenists is, first and foremost, going against Heaven!

    You’ve got to believe in yourself and don’t mind the bitter riffraff that are all butt hurt because they weren’t able to “milk this cow” (you know what I mean ;3)~

    Know that your efforts are greatly appreciated, especially the quality-centric approach you have! Quite a few groups nowadays trade that aspect for “speed” which is a damned shame~~


    • “Qing Wu!” Chu Yang violently woke up. He still had not opened his eyes, yet he gave a painful and heartfelt cry. He felt his own heart twitching, that it ached, but its sound was weak as if it was groaning, and it was as if he could not even hear it……

      After those words had left his mouth, Chu Yang was instead momentarily stunned!

      I…… had clearly seen Qing Wu coming to receive me, that familiar and pleasant smile, those tender emotions that had already seeped into the bone marrow……

      Yet…… what is this?

      Before his eyes, there were unlimited mountain rocks, and at the skyline, the setting sun was like blood. Swaying and rustling green bamboos were in all directions, as if causing the horizon’s purple evening glow to whirl, rippling amongst the breeze, rising one wave at a time……

      Beside his legs, there was still a patch of blood.

      A severe pain was sent from the top of his head, and he reached out a hand to touch it. The entire hand was a complete dark red.

      That mountain, that rock, that scenery, that wound, they were actually that familiar!

      Where is this place?

      A voice beside his ear, carrying with it a tone that seemed as if it was about to cry, said, “Hey…… please…… please don’t scare me, I, I…… I am such a handsome and dashing person, ah, I cannot take scares……”

      Chu Yang was secretly, momentarily confused. He thought, Unless, I really still have not died? However, who is this guy shouting beside my ear? He really is quite of the finest grade. Clearly, he is about to be scared to death, but he actually still has not forgotten to be narcissistic……


  15. I see this as a perfect opportunity to DROP Stellar transformation and work on the godly Transcending The Nine Heaven’s, but don’t let random haters influence you just do what you want and don’t get your panties in a bunch now


    • you said wut bitch, u wunt some.. i will give it to ua , x2 if yea wunt betch


    • Nicejob, go get some nuts,
      stellar transformation is getting extreme, and i am reading using bing translator, would prefer Rylain work!


    • Hey guys, don’t need to flame him. I can guarantee you that both novels are exceptional. It’s just that they have different styles, and Stellar Transformations has already established itself since it’s past the starting phase.

      The only reason why no one took up Transcending The Nine Heavens is because its author has a pretty good standard of the Chinese language, and it’s hard to translate that into English. In contrast, I Eat Tomatoes uses simple Chinese to make his novels easier to read, thus it’s easier to translate.


  16. How can people have such tunnel vision? You would think having more translators is better. Unexpected things can happen and either Rylain or Thunder can stop translating. At least in this situation, you still have one translator to continue translating the novel. Considering we are barely half way through the novel, this situation is very likely.

    As for the people that keep suggesting that Rylain start over from chapter 1, that is pretty dumb:
    1) Rylain has stated he/she translate as he/she reads. Why would Rylain start reading over from chapter 1?
    2) If Rylain starts translating from chapter 1, what is the difference between translating chapters He-man have already done and translating chapters Thunder is doing now? Things can happen and Thunder start releasing chapters less frequently. You will then be begging Rylain to continue from where he is now.
    3) Same as 2) If Rylain does start over again from Chapter 1 or drop the novel completely, and in the future Thunder drops it as well, what makes you think Rylain would want to continue from where Thunder stop or even pick it up again?

    And all of this is not even taking into consideration of the quality of the translation…


  17. Quality over Quantity.
    and beggers dont get to be choosers

    I enjoy this novel cause the translation is done proffesionally and actually links me to the closest meaning the author wanted to convey


    • You guys are lucky because you have a choice now. LoL!

      I do not mind if you wish to read both, because I can say Thunderhill’s translations are at least 80% – 85% accurate, which is quite good. Grammar / Spelling / Tenses can be improved with experience, so I expect him to get better.

      Stellar Transformations is actually quite a good novel to improve your translation skills, because it is neither too easy nor too hard. Trust me, I have improved a lot translating this series (with help from Readers), which significantly helped in my translation of Transcending The Nine Heavens.


      • I have to say this week has been tortuous, as it has become a reflex for me to check for a new chapter every evening. Your translations of ST as well as CD and Martial God Asura are the translations that I anticipate the most.


        • Right, it doesn’t seem to be reasonable for me to torture Readers like you. I will try to get this chapter done on Sunday, rather than starting to translate it on Monday.


  18. Much appreciated. You should give the option for donations but not for extra chapters (as I guess you would not have the time to translate extra chapters) but for some readers such as me to show my appreciation for the hours you put in. As an example kinda like Goodguyperson for BTTH on wuxia world. Keep up the good work!


    • Hi jacques,

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    For ‘Chilling Air’, I will most likely change it to ‘Chilling Fog’ (google ice fog).

    蓝豕天火 translates literally into Blue Swine/Pig Heavenly Flames, while

    泫金寒气 translates literally into Dripping/Trickling Gold Chilling Fog

    I am really tempted to just name it Blue Mystical Heavenly Flames, since it’s mystical enough as to why the author named it as such. So, leave behind your suggestions while I translate the chapter. Thank you.


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