59 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 51

        • I think your reasoning is pretty sound.

          You only have to look at translations such as LMS to see what a cluster-fudge having multiple translators working on different chapters is. The translation stalled for about 3 months due to one translator half finished a chapter then quit without telling anyone, as none of the other translators were willing to “steal” the chapter from them.

          The flow between chapters and constant name changes etc. also make it harder to read.

          Having looked at Thunders translations I have to say I much prefer reading yours. His aren’t proofread, has a lot of grammatical errors and he has the extremely annoying habit of putting personal comments throughout the story which throws the flow of the story off.

          I hope you ignore the haters and keep going here. You’re doing a great job.


    • Hi plusikplus,

      I have already promised to release this chapter by tonight, so I will try my best to do so. I might overrun a few hours, but I will keep you guys updated as I near completion. Unless something unexpected happens, it should be out tonight.


      • Dear Rylain,

        just do at your own pace.

        It’s not a race nor a competition with/between translators. Pls don’t feel pressured to keep any particular pace with or against any other person.

        Neither are you obliged to fulfill the wishes of readers.

        When i see a fresh translation by anyone, whether it’s a new chapter or a chapter already translated by someone else, i read it and i’m so thankful to the translator.

        The wait is nothing compared to the time to learn sufficient Chinese to read the novel directly.


        • Hi rudi,

          I have already stated that I will do three chapters for Stellar Transformations this week, so I will at the very least fulfil what I have promised.

          Regarding Nine Heavens, I will still try to complete it by tomorrow, but from what I can see now, it seems unlikely. In my opinion, that is fine (though it hurts) since I have stated that my focus will be on Stellar Transformations.


    • I have not read ahead, so my guess is:

      Since it’s another ring, it should be identical. If it’s identical, it should also be a storage ring. Since it’s a storage ring, then all the Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones should be inside that ring?

      So Immortal Emperor Ni Yang did not lie about there being Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones. That is my guess.

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      • nice i haven’t thought of that. i think they are “parts” and will combine into a super ring or something else entirely. i dont think its efficient to have lots of rings on your fingers when doing martial arts. trying punching someone with a ring, it will leave a mark on both of you:).


        • it is basically the opposite of the ring he currently has and upgrade to the gravity ability and storage


  1. Un…… un… un…. un… un…. un… un… un… un….!!
    Unbelievable I finish the whole video!


    • All hail God Rylain, the one who trains in the insights of the whales lol


    • Sigh. It’s going to take longer. I can’t seem to focus much on the last 20%. One of my friends had directed me to something, and what she told me later did make sense.


  2. If I were him, when I saw the statue, the very first thing I would have done was check for a ring. After waiting for everyone else to be distracted of course, but still, super high priority.


  3. Thanks for the chapter. You definetly provide translations of the highest quality. I rather quality then quantity so that I can understand every nuance of the novel!


  4. am also a little worried on whether I will be able to survive and and pass through the Blue Clouds Road.”

    You have too many and

    am also a little worried on whether I will be able to survive and pass through the Blue Clouds Road.”

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  5. Now it’s became a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment, so it’s became also a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Tier storage type rings, right?
    That means he can normally.. store those Finest Grade Immortal Equipments in the Scattered Treasures Cliff into his Spatial Rings, right?


  6. cant wait for the next chapter 🙂 its going to be great when he arrives there and everyone is like wtf?


    • not until 54 at earliest 52 is him going through it and 53 is talking between people that have already passed


  7. I like mystic better than profound as name of the level even though you say profound is the correct translation, sounds silly to me profound immortal but then again many words translated literally sound silly so it’s translators job to pick good replacements 🙂


    • Personally I actually like Profound Immortal because I read Coiling Dragon first and it talks about the “Profound” laws of Wind and such so having a being that’s all powerful be called “Profound” Immortal seems to just make sense since its the same author but that’s just my opinion.


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