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  1. Can’t wait for the new chapter! By the way, I found this place yesterday. Its somewhat a new ln I guess its called shadow light here’s the link https://sotranslations.wordpress.com help spread the words out, its a good one (from my perspective that is)
    P.S sorry for posting other people website here, please forgive me.


  2. So what is next in his cycle? if it follows the life cycle of a Star. even very liberally the options should be:
    Current – Yellow Sun?
    1: Red Giant(Comes After a Yellow Sun. if thats what he has)
    2: Supernova(This and white dwarf are the options after Red Giant)
    3: Black Hole( This and neutron star come after supernova, but i dont know you would sustain supernova form..)
    4: Neutron Star.
    5: White Dwarf
    6: Black Dwarf(this supposedly comes after white dwarf…)

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    • interesting but you messed up the order, also I think white dwarf is weak, dunno ’bout black one though, anyway black hole should be at the end while supernova is just an explosion so it can’t be a stage, I was thinking after sun goes solar system then galaxy, universe stages

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      • Hello.. I think the neutron star, white dwarf, and black dwarf are the remnants of normal star’s that exploded. But the size and amount of energy they held were insufficient to produce a Black-hole. Since currently Qin Yu is at the early or mid Dacheng stage he would have a average to huge yellow star. At the late to the peak Dacheng stage will be red star to a red giant star. As Qin Yu transcends he will under go a supernova transformation and will achive the Black-hole stage. The Black-hole in his Dantian would attract everything thus forming other celestial bodies like nebula’s, stars with planets, meteors/comets that revolve’s around the Black-hole. Some would be eaten by the Black-hole since it has such huge gravitation attracting force. I kinda like it when Qin yu dantian would become like a spiral galaxy like Milkyway galaxy. It’s my 1st time posting a comment and i would really like just to read the stellar transformation but I can’t help it when someone would post space related comments.. hehehehe,….

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        • And sorry for a somewhat weak english skills. Like I said I’d rather read than to make comment. ^_^


        • I see you know your Profound Truths of the Universe, if next stage is in fact black hole then I guess he will absorb others energy not just nature’s, he is already doing that, well they all are, CelestialGeezer XD sry I just had to write it

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        • Unfortunately, you’re both wrong. This are the ends of a star:
          From 0,08 solar masses to 0.5: helium white dwarf (wd).
          From 0,5 to 4 : carbon wc
          4 – 8: neon wc
          8-20 : neutronic star ns
          20-80: en, but the mass that was expelled un. The supernova returns because of gravity abd black hole bh
          80-130 bh
          130-150 hipernova. There arent more massive stArs


        • Whoa.. Cool… You’re post are very detailed… Especially the basis comes from the mass of each star..


    • So, I don’t think his Stellar Transformations follow a star’s life pattern. I think it follows the universes pattern. I mean, stars are not made by the core of a planet burning so hot they form a star – in this way, he should have went directly from nebula -> star

      In my uneducated opinion, I think there are 2 main possibilities:

      One is that his dantian will go houtian –> xiantian –> nebula –> meteor –> core –> planet –> dujie –> star –> solar system –> galaxy –> universe

      The second is that he will not add more star’s in his dantian but will instead increase in size until a point where he consolidates the mass back down to be an incredibly dense (theoretical) primordial atom
      houtian –> xiantian –> nebula –> meteor –> core –> planet –> dujie –> star –> red giant –> blue giant –> blue supergiant –> blue/white hypergiant –> primordial atom

      I know this post is late, but if you check on this page again tell me what you think lol


      • CaaAarl (wath lammas with hats) that’s what I said- universe pattern, eh what the heck is dujie stage, it doesn’t fit, I’ve always wondered, also theory of star stages has 5 of them after star, while the 3 of universe just fit as immortal – solar system, golden – galaxy, universe – mystical though he is already missing one stage compared to everyone else and it was every 3 levels new stage until now, while later would be every 9?


        • @Filip Barac
          I remember when he went from nebula –> meteor stage he just needed enough stellar energy (I forgot the exact name of the silver particles he had floating around in his dantian) to condense the particles into a silvery mass, until the mass turned gold (meteor)… and eventually became a core.

          But what I don’t remember is if he still has those particles floating around after planet stage.. I know his energy automatically flew on the planet (I remember the chapter where it covered up the green flakes from the Meteoric Tear) but that could be like… only the particles near the planet/sun were sucked up by them.

          If he still has off-shoot particles in his dantian, then it should be a relatively strait forward process to just keep filling his dantian up with Meteors/Planets until his particles reach far enough away were another sun could be developed – and I hadn’t though of the 3 stages, but yeah it makes sense that they could correspond with immortal/golden/mystic

          so like.. throughout the ‘Star’ stage he would just be creating planets/meteors until it became a solar system. at solar system stage he would create solar systems until it became a galaxy. at galaxy stage he would create galaxies until they became a universe (and his ‘divine’ stage would be a multiverse living inside his dantian lol).


      • Hahaha… It’s really weird how Lee Wei observes the celestial or universal evolution. Hmm….Im more akin to your second option so it’s like the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ of the Profound Truth of the Earth where the 256 layer’s must be fused together right?… But in the description of Qin Yu’s Dantian that it’s endless and vast. So His Dantian must somehow in the future be like your 1st option where as similar to the universe that houses maybe trillion of galaxies with billions upon billions of stars that varies in size’s and intensity, planets and so on and so fort.


        • I think the biggest question for me personally on which route he takes is if he still has some of those silvery particles floating around in his dantian… if he does then it’s almost certainly going to go star -> solar system -> galaxy -> universe

          But if they are all automatically being sucked into his star, then it will go star -> red giant -> etc.

          Since we dont know what *really* comes after divine stage maybe the more stages in my 2nd opinion would come into play. Unless there is a way to correspond an amount of solar systems to a level in immortal xiuxian..

          I mean, for example, there is simply no way solar system = Xiuyao/Xiuxian/Xiumo golden demon/immortal/devil.
          There’s no way in my mind Man Gan is as strong as Qin Yu would be with Star+several planets+ hundreds meteors in his dantian.. unless I’m super underestimating Man Gan lol – and he’s the strongest there would be at his level since he’s a super divine beast.

          idk, i can’t wait for the next couple book though


        • Carl , solar system would be immortal stage while golden stage where Man Gan is would be galaxy, that stuff was called silver grains or nuggets XD I remember the process being growing then splitting and so on, maybe it will be red giant which explodes(splits) and makes a solar system


    • The rest of the stages (In this order)

      Dark Star
      Black Hole
      Heaven & Earth
      Into The Universe

      PS. No i havent read this myself. found it myself after also wondering, no it didnt mention when he goes to the Dark Star stage.


      • probably in this volume since its called pierce through the sky and he only needs to come up with the next stage


  3. So sad, Qin Yu being left alone… But it’s probably better, since I think there could have been some casualties if they had stayed.


  4. I wonder if Emperor Ni Yang plays joke again. they thought all expert died when the jade broken, but in the turth all still alive to tease them.

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  5. Hi everyone, I’m still stuck at office, but I will get this chapter out tonight. It might be an hour or two past midnight when I finish (GMT +8) since I can’t translate now, so no need to panic.


  6. I hate the fact I seen this book series already – now I have to fight the constant urge to check for updates lol

    Thanks for the translations dude


  7. tonight? Did you say tonight???
    Give me your boss cell no – I will make sure he releases you early…

    And thanks for the heads up.


      • Thanks for translation, I was looking forward to it :). Are there any chances for cooperation with thundertranslation for faster releases?


        • To answer your question, picture the following scenarios:

          1. I translate chapter A. Someone else translates chapter B. I have to spend time going through chapter B and editing it, using roughly the same amount of time needed to translate that chapter myself.

          2. I translate chapter A. Someone else translates chapter B. He edits chapter A into his style. I do not like that, and post my own chapter A, and translates chapter B using my style.

          3. I translate chapter A. Someone else translates chapter B. I translate chapter C. Someone else translates chapter D. Information in chapter B is not translated. Terms clashed. Readers do not understand how some parts in chapter C happened. Readers waste time figuring out, breaking reading flow.

          I hope those situations explained some of the reasons why I prefer to work alone.

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        • I get it, you are doing gr8 job on your own anyway :).
          BTW, wouldn’t a common glossary solve the problem with information leak in 3rd scenario?


        • I do not like to put other translators down, so as a Reader, why don’t you compare both versions of translated chapters and form your own opinion regarding the third scenario?


        • I’ve read both, it seem that the other translator tried to adapt to your style. Anyway does he/she contact you regard of that ?


        • Hi hehaaw,

          Here is my response:


          Scrolling up a little will give you understanding of the situation. I generally do not object to him doing as what he want, nor do I have the right to.

          However, I do find it slightly irritating to have to keep repeating myself.

          While I do understand that Readers want faster releases, if the quality of my translations are really not up to expectations, then I will focus on something else.


  8. Jebus told me to study for a few days and try to find apartments in mountain view.
    Hence I wasn’t posting so much here.
    Does anyone here know if I can find housing in Mountain View for 3 months from June to August end?
    I am doing an intern at Google and need a place to rent.

    Thanks for the chapter rylain
    Much appreciated



  9. Hi everyone, there was a translation mistake in chapter 48, and I had corrected it.

    “With his hands held together behind his back while looking towards the skies, that sculpture’s appearance naturally invoked a kind of submissive presence in people.”


    • Hi,

      No, they are still weaker. Having Ascended, Hou Fei and Hei Yu are now First Tier Heavenly Demons.

      Fang Tian and Zong Jue are Twelfth Tribulation Loose Demons, which are similar to Ninth Tier Heavenly Demons in terms of power.


        • I do not know, because to my knowledge (I had not read the original text before the parts which I had translated) the author did not describe the advantages and disadvantages of having a physical body, since Loose Practitioners already have their physical bodies destroyed, and are basically only Yuanyings.


        • From my point of view, becoming a Loose Practitioner is like a second chance, and although not explained, I am guessing that Loose Practitioners will have to experience more Heavenly Tribulations (a total of 12) compared to a standard Practitioner.

          The end result is to become a Golden Immortal / Demon King / Devil King.

          Personally, I think it’s something like, if the Practitioner passed the first time round, he Ascends and become a Heavenly Immortal / Heavenly Devil / Heavenly Demon, which has 9 Tiers but does not have Heavenly Tribulations (unsure, not mentioned).

          If he fails, he becomes a Loose Practitioner and experiences subsequent Heavenly Tribulations until he Ascends and become a Golden Immortal / Demon King / Devil King.

          So, the possible penalty for being a Loose Practitioner would be encountering Heavenly Tribulations until he Ascends, while if a person Ascends as a standard Practitioner, as a Heavenly Immortal, he would not have to face Heavenly Tribulations in the Ascendant Realms.

          As a Loose Practitioner, if he fails the Heavenly Tribulations, he would die by having his soul scattered into nothingness.


        • i guess being a loose immortal is safer in a way since being a heavenly immortal you can be killed easily


        • As a Loose Practitioner, you might be safer in the Mortal Realm, but you’ll have Heavenly Tribulations.

          As a Heavenly Immortal, you’ll be at the lower ranks in the Ascendant Realms (unless you are a Super Divine Beast) but at least you will not have Heavenly Tribulations.

          So in the end, everything is still subjective.


        • Well, that is also hard to say, because the Heavenly Tribulations are also subjective to a person’s potential.

          The author is good at making everything subjective.


  10. If I remember correctly even if you become a standard immortal you still have to go through tribulations the difference is with a body you have a higher resistance to damage perhaps? As for qin yu the benefits of keeping his body is the meteoric tear obviously


      • I can’t remember the specific chapter but in the chapter it was also mentioned how most of the highest level mystic immortals were level 8 because of the danger ascending to level 9 and from that you can assume that all immortals face tribulations

        I’ll look for the chapter and link it if I can find it


        • Hmm… if I am correct, that is because Ninth Tier Mystic Immortals will have to take a trial of some sort in order to go to a higher realm (I am guessing the realm where Li Er is). However, Heavenly Immortals do not have to take that trial since they are not at the peak of those Realms’ domain level.


        • Well we will find out soon enough in all likelihood in the next book or 2 he will ascend and then certain facts will be revealed


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