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  1. honorable rylain, might we know when you will have time in your life to release the next chapter? thank you for your hard work!

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      • And just think how shocked they’ll all be when Qin Yu just walks in after the test to join them like it’s nothing. Man, it’s nice to have a 9th ranked gold immortal in your pocket!


  2. GMT+1 here, I really like your timezone Rylain 😀 if you will post a chap, it will be done latest at afternoon here, on the other hand I don’t like waiting for certain someone’s chapters late at night coz of GMT-6 XD


  3. Don’t think it’s all about one’s strength… Ni Yang also said that even Mystic Immortals may not be able to successfully get his treasure… Beside, where would that leave our troll-bro? My money is LUCK! One must have luck to survive!

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  4. Transcending the nine heavens… Hmmm. Since a character there is called Qin Wu, I can’t attempt to read it seriously since it seems to mesh nicely in context with ST.


    • LoL! You think too much.

      They are written in completely different styles, and Transcending The Nine Heavens have more emotions and humor in it… I just hope than I can correctly translate the humor as they are meant to be read.

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      • Sadly I don’t think. The words come out and my minds;s processes are blocked.

        Language barriers. It can make well chosen words; alliteration and all the other cool stuff like rhyme and flowing/sonorous words change in translation. (Is Weed-kun really that apathetic? Is it meant to be funny? etc)

        So I would never try translation.
        Rylain, you dastardly swine, you. Butchering all those squiggly lines and making them somewhat readable, you heathen! >:Z


        • I laughed so hard thanks to your comment !! I’m at GMT +1 so in my country it’s 19/04/2015 !! it’s like you are in the future…how does it look like ? I know i’m a bit idiotic but it’s not my fault… ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ


        • Gmt+1 to brotha? it´s quite nice living with our time zones..


      • Did I help at all…? :))) hopefully I did. I can see why translating is painstakingly difficult, well, at least for someone (me) who has poor proficiency in the chinese language (common, names and their famous proverbs =.=”)


  5. I couldn’t wait so I translated some more after the teaser…hehe, but I really need to improve my chinese in any case, because currently my proficiency is far too poor ;(. :

    This is my first time translating Chinese texts; to be honest, I can’t actually read most Chinese characters, and rather I’m only familiar with pinyin, that’s why my progress is really slow and (probably not very accurate). I think I’ll just take a bystander vantage after this if it is not up to scratch, and plus it takes 4 times longer for someone else who is more proficient than I.
    Cheers. Thunderhill
    Everyone else watched afar as Wu Hei stepped onto the Blue Cloud Road Road, but due to the thick mists and hanging clouds enshrouding the ‘Blue Cloud Road’, and to everyone’s chagrin, it is impossible to perceive what is happening to Wu Hei. However, in just a few moments, a second roar of a beast is heard.

    [TL: Blue Cloud Road (Su-is the old translation, but I can’t really see how 秦 can be blue. At best I think it should be a simple road of clouds, where simple = 秦. So I’ll just go with Blue Cloud Road for continuity]

    At Qin Yu’s side, Hou Fei quietly utters, “Looks like Wu Hei is another who has stepped into his own death”

    At this, Qin Yu nods

    ‘Blue Cloud Road’ is at least several thousands of ‘li’ in length, however previously, Reverend Ming Shan died immediately after he entered the Blue Cloud Road. From this Qin Yu can deduce that

    Reverend Ming Shan had not even traversed a tenth of the distance, which means the Reverend did not even encounter the real danger before dying pitifully.

    But does this indicate how much stronger is Wu Hei compared to Reverend Ming Shan?

    “Roarrr….!” A loud and angry roar rings forth momentarily then quietens.

    At this instance, Du Zhong Jun, Man Gan and many others all look at Wu Hei’s Soul Jade slip that is resting on the ground to find that his Soul Jade slip has not split apart, and definitely not broken at the slightest.

    “Looks like, Wu Hei has successfully passed the first challenge on the Blue Cloud Road”, whilst looking at Du Zhong Jun, Man Gan smiles and continues, “Du Zhong Jun, perhaps Wu Hei may reach the goal at the end of the Blue Cloud Road – The Nine Heavens.
    Du Zhong Jun only smiles at this.

    But, how can one reach the end of the Blue Cloud Road so easily? That moment ago when everyone in the White Jade Plaza heard the roar, meant that the battleground is very close to the Plaza.

    “However, that does not mean Wu Hei has reached The Nine Heavens, but rather indicate that he has traversed a longer distance than Reverend Ming Shan”, Du Zhong Jun can definitely see this and glances at Hua Yan to see that he is satisfied with this.

    Hua Yan calmly, with a deadpan expression, listens for any sounds coming from further down the Blue Cloud Road.

    “Hm, that is Battle Spirit Energies colliding”, Ao Feng frowns and says, “The first time, it is the beast’s roar, in that case at the beginning of the Blue Cloud Road, there are many types of demonic beasts……But now and again, there are signs of Battle Spirit Energies colliding. In that case, this means there are people still left in Ni Yang’s Realm.”

    [TL: Took 恩 en, as hm which is like a grunt indicating one agrees or a sound that says one is affirmative about something (I think). I also took 劲气 jin qi, as Battle Spirit Energy, And 妖兽 yao shou, as Demonic Beast]

    Even if it is a Demonic Beast that can kill Reverend Ming Shan must be a xiuyaoist. Especially one that is at least the Reverend’s level.

    [TL: that was hard. I’m guessing that 修**身 xiu ** shen/zhen, refers to xiuyaoist in this case because they are talking about a beast. Took 有人的智慧了 you ren de zhi hui le, means having a person’s wisdom which I’m guessing rathers to enlightenment level of the Reverend]

    Ni Yang’s Realm is indeed not uninhabited, but contains live Demonic Beasts and humans in midst the central region of the Road.

    [TL: 人类 ren lei, usually means humanity or humans as a species, so I wasn’t too sure here. I took其中地 qi zhong de, as referring to the region of the Blue Cloud Road]

    Man Gan also frowns then nods and says: “hm, Ni Yang’s Realm could have his subordinates guarding the road. No….no.”

    Man Gan’s Eyes suddenly flashes, and ponders: “Since Mystic Immortal Emperor Ni Yang must enter his realm from the Mortal Realm must mean he definitely could not have subordinates with him.”

    “Where does the current subordinate come from? Then where can that beast’s roar come as well?”
    With this, Man Gan calmly continues to ponder, “Unless Immortal Emperor Ni Yang brought over people from the Mortal Realm. But that can’t be, where did those people, who teleported into his Realm, come from?

    [TL: not too sure about the last sentence separated by the comma. I took 飞升境界 fei sheng jing jie, as Teleportation]

    “Unless its ten thousand……” Instantly, Man Gan’s eyes flashes again.

    Ao Feng, in turn, gives Man Gan an awkward smile.

    Man Gan then gives Ao Feng a mocking smile.

    Conversely, both Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun did not even thought of questioning where the Beast’s cry came from.

    Using Man Gan’s Holy Sense Communication, he directly sent: “Brother Ao Feng, do you even want to compete with me in this thing as well?” ‘He does not want to allow Du Zhong Jun or Hua Yan know about this particular thing being here in Ni Yang’s Realm.

    [TL: not sure if he is swearing at Ao Feng or not by calling him 这东西 zhe dong xi, or does he actually mean ‘a thing’. So I took it literally as ‘a thing’]

    “Brother Man Gan, don’t mention the name of that thing, it just that Axis Drill. I can’t believe you also guessed the identity of that particular treasure. I also can’t believe that particular treasure could be found in Ni Yang’s Realm, in that case this is a shockingly good revelation. To find that particular treasure outside the border of the Demon Realm, really makes one greatly envious of the owner. In the entirety of Ni Yang’s Realm, this treasured Axis Drill should be second best so far. I would have thought that Emperor Ni Yang would take this with him rather than leave this in his ‘Ni Yang Realm’. If one obtains this scroll…..ha, if I was an ordinary golden dragon who obtain this treasure, my status and power within the Dragon Realm would be equivalent that of a 5-Clawed Golden Dragon.”

    [TL: m not too sure about the 2nd to last sentence. Also need help with the name of the treasure (卷轴), I thought it was called Axis Drill because I don’t really want to call it a rotating axis/axle]

    Using Holy Sense Communication, Ao Feng conveyed that the treasure must be the ‘Axis Drill’.

    “Bravo, so you want it as well, but I also want it too. When the time comes it will all be decided by our capabilities.” Man Gan says with Holy Sense Communication.

    Ao Feng is also right about it and gives Man Gan an indifferent smile.

    ~To Be Continued~

    Hopefully, Rylain does not mind me doing this…I still like your translations better, honestly.

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      • Swallowed Star realy need some help the chapter isnt long
        but 1 chapter a week is gone take years until complete

        i stil apreciate that is being translate but it is really slow

        soory for my english


        • 50 so years by the translators calculations……… yeah either a new translator helps or some of us may never live to see the end.


      • What is swallowed star? never heard of it….hmm I’ll consider it but I need the raw (all of it if complete). and btw, my rate of translating is reaaallly bad (need to improve)


        • swallowed star is just another light novel by IET and its very good, it is currently being translated by aequitas but he translates just once a week… I think that he would really like if u help him… you could leave him a message or something on spcnet website… just go to google and type in swallowed star… then go to the link with spcnet website and go to the latest page in the thread and just leave a message to aequitas that u cud help him… also, even if u translate very slowly im sure u wud b able to translate atleast once a week right? so just even once a week means we wud get two chapters which is a lot better than just one (Obviously)… if u decide to help then thanks a lot but if not then thanks anyways


        • Eeh, you call that bad? if yea compare it to machine translation then you got the difference between heaven and earth.. Don´t call what yea translated for bad stuff cause it´s something really good lol


        • Really good story of IET. It follows a boy named Lou Feng which has extraordinary luck


    • Urg, i think thunderhill better refrain himself for try translate another TL work without their consent. I just do not want Arifureta chapter 80 incident repeated for Stellar Transformation, that En Do stopped translating for 1 week.

      sorry if i offended you.


  6. I’ll put the completed one (and future chapters) on wuxia>forums>[Unofficial] Stellar Transformations From Bk11c48, because I can start new topics there, otherwise it will get a tad messy here with overly long comment sections.


    • He hasn’t even replied once, and you seem to be getting the wrong idea. Rylain has said multiple times that he’s translating this series on his own, regardless of other people’s translations of it. If you want to post your translations on Wuxia World, that’s up to you and there’s nothing wrong with it. But I’m hoping that Rylain maintains his one-man solo job of translating Stellar Transformations. Not to be rude, but his quality is higher and It’d be nice to have a consistent quality.


  7. Hi everyone,

    Sorry, I’m busy with my Nine of Nine Heavenly Tribulations at work (Fifth Heavenly Trial at the moment), so I’ll summarise a quick response to the comments:

    @thunderhill: Hi thunderhill, as some of the Readers have said, I’m doing the translations of Stellar Transformations based on my own interpretations of the novel. There are some details that I do not agree on the translations of other translators, so that was why I took up translating it, from where He-Man left off, as I continue to read along. I do not mind you translating it, but helping you review your translations will have to wait until I have some spare time, with my intention ONLY to help you improve your translation skills. I can help with some tips and minor things, but not full-scale, as that is also why I declined to collaborate with others (spending time doing extra tasks where I might as well have done it alone).

    I took a glance, and can personally give the following corrections as I have already translated the parts you have commented here:

    1. Blue Clouds Road – This is one important thing you must take note, which plays a huge part in translation quality: correcting mistakes in the original text. If you refer to the previous chapters or other sites’ version of the text, ‘青云路’ was used, translating to Blue Clouds Road. Well, 青 is actually a greenish-blue colour, and traditionally used to refer blue more, while modernly used to refer green more.

    2. 其中地 – actually 其中的. Text error that made you confused. Just treat it as ‘其中’.

    3. 飞升 – Ascension. 境界 – depends how it is used. For this novel, sometimes it is used to refer to stage of practise (domain level), while sometimes it is used to mean ‘realm’ or ‘domain’. In this case, it refers to stage of practise.

    4. 卷轴 – A reel / scroll. ‘卷’ is the unit of measurement.

    5. Holy Sense – I completely disagree on this term’s usage, and that it was used too generally. There are actually 2 ways of using Spiritual Awareness for communication. First is via a Transmission Talisman. Second is via Sound Transfer. I have made a Glossary for these terms.

    @other Readers: I thought Swallowed Star was translated by Zebulin?

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  8. Thanks for the protip, Rylain! yeah I didn’t know how to correctly translate 境界, because its widely in different situations. and thanks for the clear up on artifact name (originally I went with scroll but then it didn’t quite fit the context on the later sentences, so I thought it must have been an Equipment/Weapon; scroll didn’t sound cool enough so I scratched it.)

    @Holy Sense, yeah, its used so loosely. I was tempted to use telepathy, but that wasn’t very eastern culture-friendly term. IDK it was odd. Sound Transfer was odd too, but I get why you chose it – to be different then the over used term holy sense and it’s closer to the chinese meaning of it, aye.

    I guess I correct it a bit. Thanks Rylain.

    @WhoopWhoop: Wow swallowed star is a really long series. and (my version) chapters and volumes are really messed up in the txt file :/


    • thunder, why not just make a wordpress site and translate stellar transformation with your own skill and swallow star at the same time? i’m sure everyone would like that.


      • So I took your advice. thundertranslations.wordpress.com/. But I’m a newbie to wordpress sites so if anyone who is better at this please give me suggestions.


        • Bro it looks good man!! i’ll be following your page till the end of time!! will you be translating other novels on your site?


    • what are you guys talking about, I suggested Swallowed Star TL’ed by Zebulin not Aquetias, ST doesn’t need another translator, thuderhill you won’t even know the difference, ST, SS, CD they’re all great, even I can’t tell which is better and all by the same author


      • Yea seriously, SS really needs a translator or maybe i should just learn chinese… or naah.. who am i kidding.. i can´t even pull of german after 2-3 years 1-2hours a week even tho imma a swede… (the languages are close to each other, like 20-30%)


        • The Chinese language requires a lot of time to be spent on memorising. After that comes the understanding, which is a lot harder since some phrases have meanings within a meaning.


  9. sorry guys meant to say zebulin not aequitas… also forgot to thank you for translations rylain, thanks… i really appreciate ur translations, i used to go on wuxiaworld to read it their but after reading yours it seems to me that ur translations are pretty good unlike what i had heard before and also it comes out a lot faster.. thanks alot


    • Thanks for the chapter! =)

      Btw, I think figurehead was used wrongly there.
      Figurehead means someone that is a nominal leader but doesnt hold any real power. It should be the opposite right ?


      • Hi Unbreak, you are right. I got it mixed up since its direct translation is ‘huge head’. I’ll change it after I do the teaser. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


    • I got immune. Feels sort of lacklustre compared to the author who wrote Transcending The Nine Heavens. Then again, the simplicity to translate it makes me thankful… Translating Nine Heavens gives me nightmares. LoL!


      • Having had a puppy that I raised and grew up with and finally had to part with after ~12 years, the scene of Qin Yu, Hei Yu, and Hou Fei having that tearful ‘farewell’ for now… really struck a cord 😦 Made me a bit envious that at least they got to say their good byes and cya laters… 😦 Mine was a bit more permanent…


  10. Du Zhong Jun, maybe he’ll have the same luck as the chance to step on dog shit, and actually arrive that the other end of the Blue Clouds Road — The Nine Heavens huh

    You should change that to at

    Du Zhong Jun, maybe he’ll have the same luck as the chance to step on dog shit, and actually arrive at the other end of the Blue Clouds Road — The Nine Heavens huh


  11. Qin Yu looked at that the Blue Clouds Road which was close to five thousand kilometers long, that led to the Nine Heavens.

    You do not need that the, it should either be

    Qin Yu looked at that Blue Clouds Road which was close to five thousand kilometers long, that led to the Nine Heavens.


    Qin Yu looked at the Blue Clouds Road which was close to five thousand kilometers long, that led to the Nine Heavens.


  12. do you know this thundertranslation. he seems to have just started translating stellar too. are you guys working together?


    • Hi mattdgen,

      No, we are not working together. I am aware, but that is his entitlement. Readers also have the right to read what they want to.


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