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(28/07/2015) Hi everyone, Yeenie and Taffy brought to my notice that my translation blog is still active, so I should probably make things clear. I’m currently busy with job advancement opportunities in real life, so I probably won’t have time to do translations anymore… Maybe when I retire 20+ years down the road. I would like to thank the readers who are still here daily, and apologise to them for checking this place out regularly for the past one and half month. With regard to the following:

(Transcending The Nine Heavens) – It feels weird for me to state this since I am not the actual author, but if you wish to continue with later chapters, you may do so. If you are going to ‘use’ my Chapters 1 to 7, stating proper credits will do.

(Stellar Transformations) – I don’t really know what to say with regard to this…

(Misc. Translations) – If you need help with anything, just drop a comment (I’ve just linked comments to my mail) or pester Yeenie and Taffy, they know how to get in touch with me.


Tentative Progress:

Transcending The Nine Heavens Chapter 7 (100%)

Transcending The Nine Heavens Chapter 8 (15%) (No Longer Translating)

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 55 (100%)

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 56 (0%) (Paused)


Tentative Schedule:

Transcending The Nine Heavens Chapter 7 = (21/05/2015) Completed

Transcending The Nine Heavens Chapter 8 = No set date.

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 55 = (15/02/2015) Completed



Stellar Transformations (14/02/2015) = Replaced term ‘Scattered’ with ‘Loose’.

Stellar Transformations (16/02/2015) = Replaced term ‘Saint’ with ‘Immortal’, and in turn replaced term ‘Immortal’ with ‘Practitioner’. This was due to my own misunderstanding of the Lore from previous translations.

Stellar Transformations (17/02/2015) = Changed single syllable names into multiple worded names. This is to make sense during addressing with status (e.g. Zong Jue > Senior Zong).

Stellar Transformations (21/02/2015) = Set criteria for Italics. Italics are now used for words which are: items related to skills names / skills, techniques, tribulations, names of tribulation stages, array names, and methods of martial cultivation paths. Made changes.

Stellar Transformations (23/02/2015) = Changed ‘Dragon clan’ to ‘Dragon Clan’, and ‘Pearl of Inheritance’ corrected to ‘Dragon Pearl of Inheritance’. I missed out the character ‘Dragon’ in the item’s name all these while. Changed ‘Sense’ skill names into ‘Knowledge’, which is the actual literal translation. Updated the Quick Notes for it. Corrected ‘Roc’ into ‘Peng’. Did Glossary for it.

Stellar Transformations (07/03/2015) = Changed name ‘Petrify’ into ‘Transform Into Stone’. This is due to his brother’s name which has the same meaning. Changed ‘Spiritual Knowledge’ into ‘Spiritual Awareness’ because that is more accurate.

Stellar Transformations (08/03/2015) = Corrected issue with the term ‘countless’.

Stellar Transformations (09/03/2015) = Changed ‘clan leader’ to ‘Patriarch’ because that is more accurate.

Stellar Transformations (12/03/2015) = Changed ‘Treasures’ to ‘Treasure’ for Book 11 Chapter 31. Text in Book 11 Chapter 33 hinted that it is singular and not plural.

Stellar Transformations (14/03/2015) = Replaced sound descriptions with original sound effects.

Stellar Transformations (28/03/2015) = Changed ‘restriction’ to ‘Restrictive Spell’. Standardised translation style.

Stellar Transformations (05/04/2015) = Changed ‘Stellar Domain’ to ‘Stellar Field’.


174 comments on “Status

  1. rylain could you plz send me the chapters 33-48 I wont post them or anything stupid like that I just want to catch up.thanks


  2. Hey, I’m coming from Wuxiaworld and I got to the point where the stuff they had from He-man’s TL and the other things they did ended, and brought me here. But it seems that the links for chapters 34 on to about 48 are all dead and can’t be found. Is there a reason for that? Thank you for your time.


  3. Hey, I had a quick scan through previous posts and found that you are having some problems with the other translators. I’m only new to reading ST and have just finished HE-mans? tranlsations to book 11 chap 33, scanning throgh your translations you have none between 34 and 40? yet continue from 40 onwards, I was wondering the reason for this and also where and if not when I could read these?


    • sorry my mistake 34-48, for some reason I thought you had 40 up, maybe i saw it somewhere else?


  4. For all of you who are trying to read ST and seeing Chapters 33-48 are not working, read the Status information at the top of this page. This will give you the answer to why those Chapters are not working.


    • we know how to read my friend. we have an idea what is happening and we respect their decisions and opinions. however the fact remains that we cant continue reading with the missing chapters. mind you we are not demanding, we are imploring mighty rylain benevolent heart to help us. (kowtow.. . kowtow)


      • I’m not trying to say you can’t read. I am just pointing out to the people who commented right above you, that the answer to their question of “why are the links not working” is right above them.


  5. What does it mean to free ride off of others’ free translations? I’m not supporting any side, I’m just genuinely curious. Are you against someone receiving money for continuing a previously free work, or against someone receiving money for translating a novel that is free in general?


    • I am guessing you are asking for my opinion, on what is what, since you put it in that way. So, in my personal opinion:

      1. What does ‘Fan Translations’ (Free Translations) mean? To me, it is simple. A person is interested in something, and wants to share. He will put in the best of his capabilities, to translate to the best of his capabilities, to make it enjoyable for others. That is his motivation, and He-Man falls under this category.

      2. Translations motivated by money (Thunderhill and his ‘Motivation Funds’, which he later removed what it was called, and in a separate incident, Elysion’s case). Such translations are done centered around money. As such, I doubt that they are done to a person’s best capabilities, although they are (rightfully) obligated to. Sure, they might be better than going through Machine Translations yourself, but are you absolutely sure that what was translated, was done (or not done at all) correctly?

      – Now, continuing an on-going Translation Project. This is with regard to what is commonly known as ‘Translation Poaching’ or ‘Free-Riding’.

      1. Skipping chapters to get ahead of another person’s on-going translation project falls under this category.

      2. With regard to He-Man’s Translations, he was inactive. So continuing from where he left off is understandable.

      3. People are saying that I ‘stole’ another group’s translations, but how can it be ‘stealing’ when I started off from the same chapter which they had started, without skipping chapters? At most, what I did could be considered as ‘Alternate Translations’ because it will be fine if they had removed their chapters, as my own translations will still be available. I removed my own chapters to prove this point. Apparently, some ignorant Readers do not agree and are distributing my translations without my permission, discouraging and disrespecting Translations as a whole.

      – On both ‘Free-Riding’ and being ‘Monetary Motivated’, Thunderhill falls into both categories. Besides, some people have noticed:

      Sure, you get fast releases… but are you getting what you are paying for? There were people who said that I was rude to him, but that is incorrect. It is more correct to say that I despise what he did (and is doing), especially when his intentions became known.

      – As for WuxiaWorld and Ren’s Translations, even though I am currently a Fan Translator, looking through the first few chapters of Coiling Dragon, all I am willing to say is that his translations are good, therefore I am neutral. Besides, he built up his own Reader-base through his own effort.

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      • Thanks a lot for the thorough reply. I read the link you pasted and I really can’t believe that someone would skip over content for the sake of faster releases… A shame that you had to drop your project, but I hope you have just as much fun with your new one.


      • I know the situation, I can see what point you were trying to make. I agree with your points. I do not agree with inconveniencing readers who had absolutely nothing to do with this. You can tell by the vast amount of people who’ve been bugging you and everyone related to the situation with “pls send chapters. here’s my email “.

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        • It doesn’t matter, because by distributing translations that you do not own nor have permission to, you are already disrespecting translators as a whole, as well as breaching what I had listed on my noticeboard. In fact, you are being hypocritical in stating that you agree with my points, yet supporting the other party’s actions. You can try to ‘justify’ your own actions with whatever reasons that you can come up with, but the truth is that all translators disagree with your actions.

          Readers like you are one of the reasons why translators stop translating.


        • You claim I disrespect all translations as a whole by redistributing translations you removed due to disagreements with another translator. If I disrespect translations, then you’re disrespecting the readers.
          You mistakenly believe that by disagreeing with your actions I automatically disagree with the sentiments AND support the other translator. (I do not, but I do think everyone should have access to the chapters.)
          And calling everyone ignorant and stupid is certainly not making you look any better. I would support you if it weren’t for the removal of chapters and calling your readers ignorant. Because the quality of your translations are definitely way higher than thunder’s. (whose quality has been dropping lately.)


          An ignorant reader.


        • Firstly, I am calling readers who assume that they know the whole situation, when in actual fact they don’t, ignorant. That is a fact.

          Secondly, you stating ‘calling everyone ignorant and stupid is certainly not making you look any better’ goes to show that you are one such ignorant reader.

          Thirdly, by distributing my translations, you are encouraging people to skip another translator’s chapters and translate ahead, especially for monetary benefits, thereby proving my point correct.

          Finally, ‘Sincerely, An ignorant reader’ — I agree.


        • … can I ask why inconveniencing the readers is bad? Are you causing the readers an inconvenience by not having translated the chapters? I mean, I would understand your feeling if Rylain had been paid, but in this situation Rylain is just like you. So you, by your own logic, have inconvenienced the ST readers by not having posted translations of those chapters. Send each person who has asked for ST chapters your translations and you have solved the problem.

          Unless you are saying that because he is able to translate, it is his duty to provide translations?


      • To: Rylain

        I will be straightforward,please send me ST: Book 11 Chapter 33 to 48.As an avid reader i can’t bare to let myself to be cut off at this point after continuous reading of ST for 4 days,i believe?I know i may or may not sound pretty ignorant of the situation,maybe i am,but i would love to continue reading your TLs.If by any chance that you would unfortunately decline my plea,please do still kindly email me back to inform me of your decision.Sorry for the inconvenience i may have caused.Hope that i could receive good news from you as soon as possible.



  6. is there’s a translated book 11 chapter 33-48 am stock to this chapter, it will not be interesting when jumping to translated 49+ and so on. The story is not completed when other chapter is missing.
    Hope I can read your translated chapter here. If you will send to me via email i will personally keep with me alone 😀 my email thanks


  7. I just got to chapter 32 of the book 11 after having been reading for 11 hours straight and now I can not continue, please anyone with the following chapters of the book 11 cap. 33 forward pass me the link or send it to me at my email thanks


  8. I am sorry that u have had so much trouble when all you are doing is letting people get a chance to read a great story. I have been reading Stellar transformations for the last couple of days and enjoyed the work alot. I just got to book 11 chapter 33 and so beg that if it is at all possible could u please email me chapter 33-48… If not i understand completely and still say thank you 4 adding so much to fan translations.


  9. No tengo el derecho a pedirte esto, pero aun siendo algo hipócrita lo haré.
    Puedes dejarme por favor los capitulos del 33-48 para leerlos? (
    I dont know you, I dont know your believes,but I like this novel,now I should stay studing for exams but this novel is awesome…..
    And for good o for bad, now I see that you in your legitime decide clean this web.
    Only want the chapters for read. If you translate because you want share with others than like the same of you. Such as other of ST reader I apologise for your situation but I wish you let me read that chapters.


  10. I understand you are trying to prove a point and you are the translator so i respect what ever you choose to do with your translations, but i would still like to read stellar transformation i was just wondering if you plan to fix the links after you have proved you point. Well what ever you choose thank you for the translations so far.


  11. Why did you change your mind and let wuxiaworld host your works?? Aren’t they getting monetary benefits or something with their donations ($80 you get a chapter)?


    • No, the most they would get is via advertisements, and letting wuxiaworld host those chapters is better than having other less desirable places profit off those chapters without my permission. There are other reasons, but after discussing with Ren, I agree with him that this will be the best outcome for us, including the Readers.

      I have only agreed for wuxiaworld to host my chapters for volume 11 of Stellar Transformations, and I do not know if I want to continue with translating it. After all, I’ve been reading ahead now, and am already at volume 16.

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  12. Translation nation already have vol12+…. Why don’t u wrk on TTNH if ur website is still active…;-/


  13. Hi Rylain

    Is it really not possible to continue translating Stellar transformations ?
    I don’t care if you pick up from where you stopped, i really miss your HQ translations.


  14. These translations were great… and I think if people were copy-pasting his translations on their sites and only releasing for donations then they’d be like narutofan and the like and are pieces of shit… but if that’s not the case and they were just trying to steal his readers then I dont get it….

    These translations were clearly top quality. It’s like how Kingdom is released by MangaCow first… and THEN TurnipFarmers does the release a couple days later. I may read MangaCows because it came out on Monday… But I will always spam TurnipFarmers come Wednesday since they’re much better translations. At this point, there would be no way for Ry to catch up to the wuxia translations anyway (and keep his quality), so I would simply ask this:

    when you have time can you please put up your versions of the translations so we can get a HQ version of the story? Eventually, when its all said and done and the whole of this novel is translated, I think it’d be nice to have two different versions to read. Since yours would be very concise and accurate I think it’d be nice to get the “real” version from you whenever you post it rather than a machine translated version.

    I wont bash wuxia since I think it’s alright to get paid for this (personally). You are providing a service we cannot get anywhere else. I dont think donations should be REQUIRED to get chapters, but I think saying “hey, let me get some pocket change if you want” isn’t a bad move. I think if you posted a donation link, you would get a bunch and I think the quality you provide deserves to be rewarded. Just saying…

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    • I don’t think of it as “giving donations”. I think of it as buying coffee/oreos etc for my friend. That’s the least I can do for my friend who helps translate such an awesome novel for me!
      I have got nothing against the leechers since everyone has their own problems, some are poor; students; unemployed or just plain miserly due to bad upbringing. Whatever. But I think of it as basic courtesy. Since my friend might have to burn the midnight oil, sacrifice his leisure time, skip on his dates just to release the next chapters on time.
      Btw I consider all my translators and co as my friends, since we enjoy the same story. We might even laugh at the same funny lines or cry at the same emo lines (I crowd a lot when I read the recent chapter of DE). Hence I don’t see at all why there might be any reasons to ” bash wuxia” except for the fact that either you can’t or aren’t willing to drink 1 less cola/coke/Pepsi and give it to our Friend the translator instead.


  15. Um… I’ve been reading through the various comments and still haven’t found a single answer as to why there have been now updates for over a month. There’s plenty of other things to read, so I’m not overly anxious, but I’d like to know whether TTNH is still being translated or not.


  16. Hello I am curious of you are still active in translating or if because of the things that have happened you may have quit? If you are still translating then thank you for what you translate in the future and if not then thank you for all that you have done and good luck in your future endeavors.


  17. oh they come back with no face left after deserting rylain they truly did not know how high mount whatever was tryna sound like i wtf im saying


  18. Rylain if you decided not to translate anymore, I and the few faithful readers left would appreciate if you could clarify it. whether or not you decided to abandon your project I appreciate all your efforts in providing quality translation so far. I wish you well in your life.


  19. Hi everyone, I’ve just updated my status. Regrettably, I am unable to continue with translation since I am currently busy with advancing my career.

    @amir and all my regular readers: Thank you for checking up regularly, and I apologise for all the wasted time that I have costed you guys.

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    • Sad to see you go~

      You shall be missed 😦 You were actually one of the good (read as on of the best) ones >_<

      On hindsight, thunderhill has ALSO stopped translating ST… and now the novel seems to be dead in the water as quite a lot of drama (blood, sweat, and tears + heartbreaks, righteous fury, fist-shaking, cussing, etc.) has been excreted (lol) from many parties.

      In any case, know that your efforts were VERY MUCH APPRECIATED, at least by me! If ever you get a chance to come to Hong Kong or the Philippines, hit me up~ (email on the wordpress account thingy)… I'll buy you a pint (of beer or ice cream…) if I am near the area~~


      • Yeenie and Taffy told me about it, and I saw some of the Reddit threads. There were a few parts that I disagree with, but I decided not to partake in the discussion.

        Well, I can still help out with some parts if people do not understand, and if they link me to the page / section of the RAWs.


  20. thanks a lot for uptil now ^^ you should make this a blog of discution now XD like telling wich novel you read or what do you think of X novel ect… i mean you stopped translating quite some time ago and there is still a lot of people coming ^^ you could also do like here ( and give people idea like this it won’t take you as much time astranslating but you will still be in contact with your fan ^^ aldo sadly I don’t know if i’ll still look at this 20 years latter XD
    ps:sorry for my bad english

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  21. Hi Rylain, have not heard from you recently. Hope you are doing well! I have your site on my fav and check for updates every now and then (keeping my fingers crossed that you might take up another special novel to kindly translate for noobs like me who cant read chinese). :p
    Would be glad to hear from you. Maybe you can share your current reading list or new interests haha.


  22. Two years have passed, 18 more to go until Lord Rylains sick comeback!!! Will be waiting until then!!


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