54 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 53

    • America uses the month/day/year format while the rest of the world uses the day/month/year format. Personally i use the later but that is because i spend too much time with other people in different nations >.< makes for a challenge when you do it automatically on test / quiz for school lol.


      • ya it took me forever to get month/day/year down because I always figured it was more logical to have it day/month/year….


        • It all depends on how you look at it. Both ways go from smallest to largest, but while day/month/year measures by time spent, month/day/year measures by the actual numbers you can go up to. After all, you can have at most 12 months, while you can easily have 31 days, or an infinite number of years. … So, the second way tends to look neater. Either way work as long as people can understand you.


  1. Ooh, more Stellar Transformations. Although Nine Heavens is good, I’ve been going through an IET withdrawal. Lots of the other translators are taking breaks for AP tests or Final Exams right now. 😦
    Anyway, thanks!


  2. I think I found 3 people working on this series u included is there way u guys work together cuss u all in diffrent part of he chapter i was shocked when I saw. Today online links


    • Quick question here, would you mind if I posted this to /r/lightnovels once you’ve updated it? Just so that everyone can see where to read a decent translation of 53 other than the rushed, shitty stuff the other guy spewed out.


      • Hi Nevaritius,

        If you are referring to Thunderhill’s translations, I won’t really say that it’s that bad. He has most of the plot contents correct. It’s just that he has implemented his own style into the translation.

        I don’t mind if you want to post in reddit, but try not to cause a war or something.


        • Alright, sounds good.

          I won’t cause a war or anything. I’ll just post the chapter with the correct format.

          Thanks for the chapter man 🙂


  3. Thanks for updating I’m glad whenever I get to read another chapter of interesting series like these keep up the good work ryry!


  4. Hi everyone, just for your information.

    With regard to ‘Godly Equipment’, either ‘Godly’ or ‘Divine’ are correct. However, I was just hinted that the next tier would have an additional word ‘Heavenly’ before it.

    Comparing ‘Heavenly Godly Equipment’ to ‘Heavenly Divine Equipment’, I feel that ‘Heavenly Divine Equipment’ sounds better (no double ‘-ly’). Therefore, I will be changing ‘Godly’ to ‘Divine’.

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  5. @Rylain:

    hey there,
    thank you very much for your translations! i really enjoy reading steallar transformations and can’t wait for the next chapter. F5 spam ^^

    and i got a question for you please:
    what other stories / light novels (which are available in english even if only unprofessional translations on the web) did you read? which can you recommend?

    i would really enjoy finding more good stories to read. ofc i’ll keep following your updates on Stellar Transformations here.



  6. Thanks for your hard work translating this awesome light novel!!:D cant wait for the full chapter!!!:D


    • Who said ur getting slower, you are defiantly getting faster or… ur just using more of ur free time translating..


  7. Thanks for the teaser. Dam looks like the place is gonna be covered in restriction spells. Anyone else laughing when Man Gan and Ao Feng crashed into the barrier?


  8. @Rylain: thanks for all of your hardwork and thanks a lot for the TL, i’m prefer to wait your TL than read on the other site, cause your’s TL much..much better, and i don’t know how to say but it’s got much reasonable translate than the other ( i guess)


  9. Hi everyone, I’ll try to get this chapter out in 8 hours. I might overrun an hour, so nothing to fret about. Will keep you guys updated as I near completion.


  10. thanks a lot Rylain, great job…
    IET really, i mean REALLY likes to balloon up chapters with repetetive words over and over again and names…. golden colored reel was hanging…golden color…golden golden golden golden….daymmm)))


    • That is incredibly rude what you are doing. It is utterly disregarding the work of Rylain and not appreciating the work that is being done by the quality translations on this site.


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