72 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 46

  1. Yo Rylain,
    I Liked the 1# pick.
    It’s easy on the eyes in the quiet hours of the night.

    Thanks for the hard work of translating and editing, much appreciated 🙂


  2. New theme is okay… But it isn’t as “refined” as before.

    Having said that, the font of the previous theme was a little bit harder to read so, meh~

    There’s definitely something lacking though, just can’t put my finger on it at the moment…

    Anyhow, much thanks for this “unreleased teaser”. It definitely is a new meta for “teasing” (hah)! On that note, yeah, Zong Jue’s gonna rock some ass this chapter, if the title is any indication.


  3. Umm, can i have our good old theme back.. it´s hard to read with this dark theme..


  4. I really life the new theme, it’s easier to read and has kinda of a boss attitude to it . Loll I also have a suggestion , maybe add a bit of turquoise here and there. .. just for a touch of colour and elegance… 😉


  5. WHYYYY, why does everyone like this layout.. its quite hard to read or is it just mine macbook that sux..


  6. I wonder why he told Hua Yan specifically and not the rest.

    Personally, I don’t like the new theme. Darker themes are fine if I’m reading them on my phone, but I prefer lighter ones on my computer.


      • Well, its better for the most part, but NoSquint lacks fine tuning options, especially in the color choices. Also, it seems to not affect the words that I’m typing right now, so they’re pretty hard to see.

        Still, its faster and easier to use than some more powerful plugins I’ve used in the past that require you to dedicate a ton of time and effort to practically re-write the site in order to get the effect you want.


    • That was because Hua Yan was the first person to make a move to take the Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor, but Zong Jue was faster and took it (along with the other 4 equipment) before Hua Yan could.


    • well, it´s a good thing for Qin yu cause Zong jue will probably give him quite a few of the treasures he gets


  7. Ah, I definitely think that what Brother Man Gan is going to
    present should definitely not be ordinary, right?” Zong Jue, with his
    face full of smiles, looked at Man Gan.

    zong jue really dropped the bomb


  8. Thanks Rylain! Zong Jue is the bro! Also, this picture is so cute! I think I might like whales now!


  9. Ah! Zong Jue, you are really one of my top favorites. In this chapter he beat one of the emissaries and cornered the strongest guy in their group! Definitely like him!

    Thanks for the translation!


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