55 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 47

  1. Thanks for the chapter, by the way can you change the theme? O make it possible to choose one that is not dark ?


    • Can´t change it for now, there were some guy who said he could help and make it so yea could chose if yea wanted dark or light but he´s got exams

      so he probably could help after.. we just gotta bear with it for now


    • I like the theme but if you want white you can copy and paste the chapter into word and then read it. Probably not the most favorable thing to do, but I think you’ll like it better then nothing.


      • It is not that I don’t like the theme but it hurts my eyes, and yeah I know about copying the chapter


        • I’m using an add-on (NoSquint) to deal with it myself. Its not the best solution, but at least my eyes don’t hurt while I’m reading the chapter anymore.


    Jebus says fuck Simon, he is a fag
    Jebus says rylain do chapter
    Haha.. do chapter
    like “do” as in fuck …
    my jokes are so rad


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    • Yipeeee, all hail lord Rylain
      btw, any who read the last one piece chapter, shit is about to get down lol


  3. I dont know the chinese for it but wouldnt it be easier to use top grade _____ equipment instead of finest grade? I mean i know that youre translating to how you do it or maybe I am too spoiled by he-man’s translations so it’s kinda bugs me.


    • I am sorry but I am not backing down on this for two reasons:

      1) I personally think it is more accurate to use Finest Grade. ‘Top Grade’ is interchangeable with ‘High Grade’ since it’s a synonym, and I often get mixed up between the two even when I was reading He-Man’s translations.

      2) A simple google search for ‘top grade’ and ‘finest grade’ will also show, that ‘Top Grade’ are mostly company names while a lot of products / materials such as tea leaves use ‘Finest Grade’.


      • It’s up to your discretion, I dont mind that much but it will take some getting used to. Thanks for picking ST up by the way


  4. didn’t know there was a teaser as the content page didn’t list it.
    Looking forward to full chapter!

    Thanks for the effort Rylain.


  5. Thanks alot Rylain, thos was speedy one..
    I feel like IET likes to fill chapters with collection of words… Like…. Finest grade demon equipment, finest grade demon armor ert, he ghbgrade that s crap, highest grade that crap.. And so and on… Continuously repeatng those names/word collections.. ….. Just get to the point already…. Waste of translators/readers time…
    Anyway, the main action is still up ahead…


  6. i am curious. Why didnt qin yu search the statue that looks the same from when he got the lord of flames ring. He might have gotten another super treasure. Very dissapointed. Also why didnt he take the remaining treasures into his ring now that the other immortals are gone.


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