114 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 45

    SOOO many comments XDXDXD

    Nice to see this blog is very popular now
    brings tear to my eye, then i remember I have a cold and allergy is running lose 😛

    Anyway Thanks for the chapter rylain
    Much appreciated

    One suggestion
    This is not a problem per se but right now the chapter name is not in the title..
    I don’t think you want to put it in the title as well, that just don’t sit right
    But it would be good if you could highlight the chapter name..
    Like put it in some different colour like white or something
    Will look better I think


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  2. Thanks for the chapter, Rylain. Haha, all of them must be scared out of their minds. Nothing is certain.


  3. Well, assuming that he’s not lying again, Qin Yu can probably use the ring to grab any of the treasures he likes. Or he could just store it all and have Uncle Lan inspect it later. But everyone’s probably better off just leaving the equipment where it is and forgetting about it. Unless it turns out to be a passkey for a later part that will save you from a horrible death of some sort. Which is totally possible given this guy’s personality.


    • I feel like the ring that Qin Yu have from Lord of Black Flame might be able to somehow help identify which equipment is good? Maybe. Since Ni Yang mentioned that the secret technique he learned to explode people up was from his friend, Lord of Black Flame. So maybe a ring from him might help somehow? lol. Ni Yang have some pretty wicked personality. Hahah. But who can blame him, his luck was bad, and he was pretty much being sought out by several people. Gotta have a sense of “humor”.


  4. Thanks slot Rylain, excellent chapter..
    Not sure if its translation or IET, There’re extremely too much names in this novel that take up alot of chapter space… Seriously, sometimes i feel like i am only reading names, names, names….


  5. The thing that really bugs me is how he translates it as “Finest Grade” why doesnt he just say Top Grade.. it sounds better and goes along with the sentences better


    • It might be just that you are too used to the other translations. I personally find ‘top grade’ too crude.

      I mean, you don’t see people use ‘top’ in advertisements. People use ‘finest’, like ‘Finest Brew’, etc.


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