41 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 37

  1. First lol, anyway.. can’t wait… things are heating up after all..


    • Yup, I just did a glance.

      Most of you should have your opinions and especially questions. Well, some of the answers will be in this chapter.


      • so we will get to know Coca Colas secret recipe in the next chapter ?!?

        damm, didn´t get first ´cry`


  2. Waah! I’m glad I found this, I was still waiting for more updates at Wuxia World. Thanks for working on this series!
    Also, just a thought… It would help the community to have this all consolidated. Maybe let Wuxia World put it on their site, with a link to you and giving you credit? And maybe only let them post it a few days after you post on your blog. Well, it’s up to you since you’re translating. Lots of people don’t like others possibly getting credit for their work.(Or getting donations for stuff that they didn’t do.)
    Anyway, thanks again!


    • Hi varler,

      Due to circumstances, in my opinion, I think that Wuxia World and I have come to an unspoken agreement regarding my translation of Stellar Transformation.

      Moreover, I would prefer that my translation of Stellar Transformation to remain as a free fan-translation. If reality allows, I actually plan to translate the entire novel. Well, good luck to me on that.

      However, I leave my options open with regards to other translation projects.

      Sorry, but I seek your understanding on this.

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      • Hey, no problem. I was just mentioning a possibility. Good luck trying to translate the whole thing. lol


  3. I also notice that you guys had an unspoken agreement about you doing your own thing, I think that you are correct to for you to want to translate as you read and not be tied on a schedule,also noticed that you have a totally different way of translating which is cool and last love that you are making a goal of translating the entire novel.



  4. waaaa!! cliffhanger again. CD, DE and ST latest chapters were all cliffhangers. Thanks a lot for this release.


  5. For all you guys with Facebook, this is something to make your day:

    Oh, didn’t know it can be seen even without logging into Facebook. LoL!

    *slap slap slap slap*


  6. Thanks for the awesome translation m8, I would like to donate if possible to help out the translater, unless you are super rich and don’t need money xd


    • Hi madhu89,

      I don’t resent money, LoL, but I am not accepting donations for my translation of Stellar Transformation. It wouldn’t be right since my translations are not perfect and I was helped by my Readers. Moreover, He-Man started out the translation without any monetary benefits until the day he dropped it a year plus later, so it doesn’t sit well with me doing that.


  7. He might have been able to survive if he hadn’t been stupid enough to tell them the destination and had just teleported them himself, but now he’s dead for sure. Or, at the very least, all of his subordinates are.


    • I don’t think Man Gan can hear what they were speaking. He could only sense their movements, and when they gathered without any reason, he got agitated. Well, the moment they leave without informing Man Gan, he’s bound to know that something is amiss.

      EDIT: Oh, you are right, he could hear.


  8. I’m very happy to know that someone is translating this novel… so THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK 🙂


  9. i think the end bit was a bit confusing…since its on and off whether they are actually speaking or using devil sense

    good chap regardless…party is about to start

    thanks for the tl


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