42 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 36

  1. Lol I’m hoping he gets all those finest grade gear as well

    I’m wondering is his inner flame strong enough to forge/recycle gear from it though… If it’s necessary that is


    • I imagine Quin Yu will get another weapon from Reverend Ming Liang’s corpse and ultimately end up giving them to Hei Yu and Hou Fei for when they Ascend (or perhaps on Hei Yu as Hou Fei has the staff Uncle Lan gave him)

      That being said, the ‘Blood Moon’ is meant to be quite famous, that could cause them more problems than its worth.


      • doubt it…since they mentioned that they dont know exactly just how good Hei Yu and Hou Fei weapons are since they came from Uncle Lan and that those weapons are extremely good…wouldnt do em anygood to use the emissaries weapons since they are probably inferior


        • Doubtful if I remember correctly the sword ming liang got was named something like star sword or something hinting that it might be compatible with stellar transformations technique


        • ‘Point Star’. I suspect it might actually be referring to the Northern Star actually, since it was commonly used in Wuxia stories, sometimes together with the Big Dipper formation.


  2. Hi guys,

    I did not get much done today, but I promise to release Book 11 Chapter 36 and Book 11 Chapter 37 by Sunday this week. Work got busy today and will be so for tomorrow as well.

    I apologise, everyone.

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  3. I know you work and are doing this on you free thing but wanted you tell you, Thanks Rylain for translating one of my all time favourite novel, after he-man left I felt like an addict that lost his dealer and tried reading the google translating, but that didnt make sense and was like something a child wrote. When I saw your page it was like a light for and addict.


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    • It is actually not easy translating the Chinese language into English using machine translation, because you not only have to consider that each character might have several meanings, but also the idioms used as well as the occasional errors in the text.

      Thanks for your comment, as well as others who did the same. I appreciate the thoughts.

      I am currently translating the chapter and am at… 25% I think? There is a very slight chance that I might finish it tonight. Just a very slight chance.

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  4. It was said that Qin Yu got the weapons of the two. Did he also get their yuanyangs? If he did he would be able to hit the sun stage with them and get a huge power boost.

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