11 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 25

  1. I just scanned through the chapter.

    Although Man Gan, pronounced something like ‘marn garn’ (蛮乾) actually means Recklessness or Foolhardy, it is actually a character’s name in this case. Which is why I edited the title.

    Of course you guys will find out that guy’s true identity in Book 11 Chapter 26, and will figure out why his name is as such.


  2. thanks for translation rylain :), I am still wondering if black dragon from wilderness will join with qin yu later. it’s feels like his role still not end just like that with qin yu


  3. In this chapter, a unit of measurement, Liang (两) was used. I seem to recall the English translation of it is ‘Tales’, as in ‘Ten tales of silver’, but I cannot find any information on it from Google Sensei.

    Therefore I have converted it to grams for everyone’s convenience.

    If anyone has the link to the correct information, kindly let me know so I can update it. Thanks.


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