15 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 26

  1. Tho i like QY…Hou Fei shouldve have been MC…his character has grown on me
    Thanks for the work once again…enjoy your weekend


  2. Is it possible for yourself and Aequitas from spcnet to work together to release these chapters? You both do an amazing job quickly translating chapter but I can not help but feel slightly frustrated that you are both translating the same chapters. Is this something you have considered or something that has been mentioned before?


      • DOOOOD
        Stop replying to comments like these
        Wastes your precious time
        Make a small page called “collaborations” like the status and other page and make it clear there
        (I was an asshole like this too 😦 i am sad )



      • abhinavzandubalm,

        Good idea, but I understand where everyone is coming from. I feel the same way regarding Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.

        Don’t worry, I’ll get this chapter done by today as promised in my schedules. Had to be ‘latest’ since I was busy (slacking) this weekend.


      • Lol fair enough.. I thought there might be a reason! Good luck with the translations and please do not burn yourself out like He-man did.

        Have you thought of setting up a donation system like Ren has for Coiling Dragon? Some motivation / reward for your hard work.


      • Not at the moment.

        I do not think that my translation quality is of that good standard, that I can shamelessly ask for donations.

        Maybe after I have gained more experience translating.


        Who said your translation quality is not up to par
        Whoever he is better be an english professor at some university and also blind
        Cuz this is awesome
        I’ll be the first to donate if you do think of doing it



      • I did, myself. LoL!

        Maybe after I do a few books and feel confident enough. I realised that I had improved little by little in translating. Some of it also due to the suggestions and tips by readers, for example, the issue of thinking with the mind instead of heart.

        By the way, this chapter will be done within 6 hours. I think that my pace during weekdays are faster, since I am tempted to slack during the weekends.

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