Glossary – Jindan

Jindan (金丹) [Jin Dan] –

Golden Elixir. Also a stage of martial cultivation, which is after Xiantian stage and before Yuanying stage.

For Xiuzhen Practitioners and Xiumo Practitioners, when they achieve the stage of Jindan in their level of martial cultivation, the internal energies within their body will solidify and form a Jindan at their Dantian. The Jindan is referred to as Golden Elixir, and represents the essence and energies of a Xiuzhen or Xiumo Practitioner’s cultivation. It can be used as nourishment to further another Xiuzhen Practitioner’s martial cultivation. When the Practitioner achieves the stage of Yuanying in their level of martial cultivation, the Jindan will transform into a Yuanying.


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