Glossary – Divine Beast

Divine Beast (神兽) [Shen Shou] –

Mythical creatures that are categorized as Demons. There are three types of Divine Beasts: Avian Divine Beasts, Bestial Divine Beasts, and Scaled Divine Beasts.

Divine Beasts are divided into four classes. Starting from the lowest tier: Low Class, Middle Class, High Class, and Super Divine Beasts.

High Class and Super Divine Class Divine Beasts possess hereditary memories which contain secret skills and techniques.


3 comments on “Glossary – Divine Beast

  1. is it really super divine beast and not superior because super divine beast just sounds silly not something a being of high nobility-pride would refer to themselves as.


  2. and to clarify im not asking if u mistranslated i have no opinion on that as i don’t know Chinese im just asking your opinion on whether super divine beast is silly..


    • Hi LuluViBritania,

      Super Divine Beast is the direct translation, and extremely likely to be correct. ‘超级’ = Super. ‘神兽’ = Divine Beast, or God Beast.

      That is how the author named it, and I just do the translation.


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