68 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 44

  1. Thanks for translating, like always. I just read the last chapter, since I don’t get updates when these are finished, only when they are posted.


  2. Reading this just makes me think “Ah, ye of little faith.”

    That, and *facepalm* at people constantly forgetting that Ni Yang is an illusionist and that a key is needed as well as a map. So either using the key will remove the illusion or transport the user someplace else. Like inside the pillars which might be much bigger on the inside.

    I sometimes wonder if IET is intentionally dumbing down his protagonists to make obvious things seem surprising to them even after they’ve been explained to death and the characters have had years to think about them.


    • From the people there the only ones who know Ni Yang’s personality are the three brothers who went to the immortal mansion, the others only know he is a powerful mystic immortal, so its understandable they are doubtful.


  3. Luck has been on QY side so far…the ring should get him entry in to NY realm at least…then his trial should begin…or maybe it is one big illusion as mentioned before and need a spark to snap out of it haha


  4. while you’re using the Elixir of Concentration (aka coffee) i shall apply the Balm of Stillness (aka patience) and take deep breaths.

    Who want’s some Balm of Stillness – i have extra to share 🙂


  5. Hi everyone, this chapter will be done either tonight or tomorrow.

    Also, Chilling Energy will be changed to Chilling Air.

    A good night’s sleep does wonders.


  6. Whew, just caught up! I’m gonna be laughing after half of the other group died from going a different direction from Qin Yu. Thanks Rylain!


  7. All right guys, its near midnight. I’m tired and a little sick so I’m heading to bed.

    Good news is that it is 80% done, so it will be released tomorrow.


  8. I see that we are all much too nervous.

    You do not need the much, too is enough to say that someone is really nervous

    I see that we are all too nervous.


    • Hi I3omb,

      We might not need it, but I think the author added it in for emphasis. It’s similar to League of Legends’ Lulu’s quote “Too tall, much too tall.”


  9. From what I see, both pieces of map should not be fake.

    You should add ‘the’

    From what I see, both pieces of the map should not be fake.


  10. Thanks for the chapter, Rylain. Ni Yang is like, “welcome, guests. look, there’s a mountain of treasures. it’s yours.” I can’t wait for the real fun when he deceives people, and they fight over scraps.


  11. Thanks for the chapter Rylain! Treasure time! I wonder how they’re going to snatch treasure without being loud or fighting 😛


  12. “Hou Fei, instead, covered his mouth”

    This one is funny, as I imagine the typical Monkey King goes “oh-oh – lucky me!”


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