80 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 41

  1. I actually refreshed the page 4 times before reading your comment and then i realized that it was a teaser.


  2. WOOO
    Thanks for the teaser rylain
    and for the potential chapter

    Anyone of y’all who got a problem with the teaser thing
    If ya want to get to rylain ya gotta get thru me
    1V1 me IRL
    ill rek ur #cunt

    Don’t pay no attention to no haters rylain
    they got no balls


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    • …………………./´¯/)
      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

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  3. damm, hate dem teasers.. i feel so empty inside after reading them.. and don’t tell me not to read them.. its not that simple.. like: if yea got quality meat served in front of you.. would yea say no?


    • you say yes to the sample then wait on the establishment to bring you a full juicy piece of meat…you carnivore you



  4. You guys want a preview of something else that is NEW ?

    I sneaked in a preview of something for the lucky people able to read this, and will remove it when Stellar Transformation’s Book 11 Chapter 41 goes life:


        • Yeah, I’m thinking of at least getting Stellar Transformation to the final chapter, then concurrently doing the earlier chapters together with that at the same time.

          At least, that’s the plan for now. Never know what happens in the future. Alien invasions or something else might happen.


        • It’s another story by another author. Something I did 3 weeks ago on Sunday. Transcending The Nine Heavens.

          It’s only 30% of the first chapter. Never had the chance to continue on since I’m focusing on Stellar Transformation.


      • If it seems good, it’s because you Readers helped polish my translation skills, and I am grateful for that. Personally, it was harder to translate compared to I Eat Tomatoes’ Stellar Transformation. Huhuhu~


        • Wait did the moderator remove my comment? WHYYYYYYYYYY? What did I say for it to happened? It was so long (for my standards) comment. why?


        • I did not do anything. I just clicked ‘approve’. It was blank. I thought you wanted to edit that message later too, which was why I left it alone. LoL!


        • You. YOUUU! AAAARRGh! F. OH well I was ty for the hard work for ch 40, 41 and this. that I have readed something like this (maybe manga/manhwa) and if there is a tragic love story betwen 2 clans then there is 70-75% that it is the same


        • I haven’t read beyond the first chapter, beginning of the second chapter, and glimpsed at the fourth chapter. So I don’t really know. LoL!


      • Thanks for the translations and for this teaser. When I read it I thought of the manhua I am reading and I was right.

        Glad to see some chapters of it translated.

        Look forward to your future work.

        Good night and wish you a nice day.


  5. Transcending The Nine Heavens, eh? Seems interesting from what you posted? Just what kind of story is it? Full-blown xianxia?


    • Like what BlackEey said, the ending of the first chapter tells of the main character’s death, then the beginning of the second chapter depicts him awaking from an afternoon nap to find himself back at his younger days.

      My impression so far is that, if you like overpowered main characters, then this might be a good one to read since the main character basically is no different from someone who had read a walkthrough of his entire life that was filled with regrets.

      Seems to be Xianxia.


        • I haven’t read Tsuyokute New Saga, but Transcending The Nine Heavens is completed at more than 3000 chapters…


        • Hi Rudy,

          I checked the wiki, and it seems to have a similar feel, but there’s one main difference. Don’t wanna spoil it. Huhuhu~ Oh, the difference is not because it’s a Xianxia variant, but something else.


      • I remembered this. The writing for this is a bit more humorous.
        It’s not all dark and grim etc, not like what I initially expected.

        Saga of lolicon Chu.


  6. There’s a 50-50 chance that I can get this chapter out tonight. If not tonight, then tomorrow. Will let you guys know further once I near completion.


  7. I will need about another 4 hours to complete the chapter, but since I have work tomorrow, I’ll need to sleep early.

    Seems like I’ll have to release it tomorrow. Sorry about it guys. There are a lot of descriptive texts in this chapter, which can take up quite some time.


  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the chapter :3

    Damn, that teaser really… teases… ;_;

    Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.


  9. Thank you for the translation!

    I did find a small mistake though, or maybe i misunderstood something:

    “At that point of time, even Qin Yu, who had reached the Dacheng stage, could only slow down his speed by more than a hundred times.”

    Shouldn’t he still be at the “late phase Dujie stage”? Because later in this chapter he’s still forming his sun’s nucleus.


    • I’ve checked the translation to the original text again, and it’s correct.

      From my personal understanding, the Stellar Transformations do not have the ‘Dacheng’ stage. After Dujie stage will be the Stellar stage. So my guess is that the author is saying that Qin Yu had reached the equivalent of the Dacheng stage for his Stellar Transformations.


  10. thank you
    i really feel this ch really is nothing but filler and could have been summarized in a single paragraph
    oh well what can you do


  11. Since Qin Yu’s Spiritual Energy completely accumulated into his soul, I wonder if his soul is hurt, would he still be able to heal his soul? Thanks for the chapter by the way!


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