33 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 35

    • yea, author do that… i guess it is understandable occasionally, i read somewhere that the auyhors are required to deliver 1-2 or 3 chapters a day…this pace is just too much in my view..not sure how fast these chapters were released, if 2-3 then making up filler chapter is understandable…of course i cant digest them given the anticipation and the wait for the translated version, and then you like whaat? i waited days for thsi chapter and all i get some filler random s**t??? but again, beggars cant be choosers, everhungry leechers like myself have to accept it…
      thanks for your effort nonetheless, appreciate it.


    • it’s fine u can finish it slowly, Leecher Always Said “we cannot wait” but we actually can, “we are going to die if we dont read it soon” but Leech actually can’t……… so dude u can take it easy


  1. every time´ … shitty auto C for not letting me make every time one word instead of two lol


  2. this time officially, thank you very much for the translatio, even though no action i still enjoyed the chapter…next one should be more action packed i guess..


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