50 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 34

  1. Hey guys, just to let you all know.

    I have already spot quite a few errors in the Chinese text, so this will take some time while I filter and correct them.


    • Oh, you noticed. LoL!

      I initially thought it meant ‘Soar’, but after a further glimpse into the chapter, I realised it meant Ascension instead.


  2. For those of you wondering about how Ascension works, this chapter explains it. Sort of.

    I am a little doubtful if I can finish it by tonight, but if I can finish it by spending a few hours after midnight, I’ll go on and finish it up.

    Then I’ll take a slight break tomorrow and touch up on the Glossary Page. Seeing that page increase bit by bit gives me a fluffy feeling.


  3. The Bat Signal is sighted. I shall maintain a strict vigilance until the chapter is safely escorted in.


  4. Hey guys, it should be ready within 4 hours.

    I tried my best to explain what was not explained in the original text, but I assume my explanation should be more or less accurate for your understanding.

    I should really update my Glossary Page tomorrow, as well as update the previous chapters.

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  5. its too bad that there not aware that they in fact all Ascensions go to the same world with a false pretense of being called different………………

    (seriously WTH this whole thing was explained earlier, why spend a fourth of the chapter on this?)


    • They’re not saying that they’re going to different planes, but regions. Same plane, different area.

      It’s like America and Asia. They’re both on Earth, but they’re two different continents.


  6. So. Star into different types of stars or his own solar system, into a black hole into a galaxy/nebula mist into his own universe. It’s be easier killing him off 😐
    How many more chapters are until it’s finished?


  7. I haven’t read the next chapter yet, but my guess is that he will also steal Ming Liang’s Finest Grade Immortal Sword (after he kills him) and give both Wu Kong Xue and Ming Liang’s weapons to his two brothers.


      • Yeah but neither him or his brothers are xiumoists so even if they have it they wouldnt be able to use it to its full potential.


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