37 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 33

  1. Just one thing I want to clarify with you guys.

    Throughout my translations, I refer to the word ‘aura’ similar to ‘presence’. I know that some games, (e.g. Diablo 2, Paladin) auras have various effects, which is why I want to highlight that in my translations, aura is merely similar to atmosphere, ambience, and presence. There are some cases I can’t but have to use the word ‘aura’, and one of the reasons is also because I can’t keep repeating the same word over and over again. That will make the reader bored.

    I will use the word ‘energy’ or some other more obvious words if there is a force that is capable of physical changes, like Sword Energy. This is so that no one will get things mixed up.


    • YES IT IS!!! LIES!!!

      However, If you keep pressing that mouse button non-stop, something will happen!!!!

      Something like……

      Needing to count the dollar notes to buy a new mouse.

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  2. Hey guys, I will try to get this chapter out by tonight.

    It is a 50-50 kind of thing, so don’t get your hopes up. It should most probably be done by tomorrow though.


  3. Oh… I sort of get the gist of the plot now. I’ll try to get it done within 4 hours for you guys.

    EDIT: Changed ‘Treasures’ into ‘Treasure’ for Book 11 Chapter 31. Text in Book 11 Chapter 33 hinted that it is singular and not plural.


  4. …………
    Trying to be patient
    But my butt feels itchy
    Ur translation drive me crazy
    Thanks alot


  5. Thanks for the chapter, Rylain. Your speed is something else. The exciting auction finally ended. I feel a little sorry for Man Gan. He’s the strongest, yet he is forced onto one leg. Maybe he will go with Qin Yu’s group.


    • This chapter was relatively easy to translate, and I used -berserk- mode.

      I glimpsed at the next chapter and it seemed harder. I will find out once I begin on it.


  6. A small suggestion:
    Is it possible to describe Man Gan as Purple “Eye” instead of “Pupil”? I mean any room in the meaning to change it?
    Another one btw, IIRC Hou Fei was tranlated as” Water” something… Possibility to change to “Aquatic”?
    I am asking this because somethimes words in Chinese may mean several things….

    Appreciate how interactive you r with your readers… Keep up the great work!!!


    • Hi matricha113,

      The reason why I translated Hou Fei as ‘Fiery-eyed Water Ape’, and used the word ‘Water’ instead of ‘Aquatic’, is because the word ‘Aquatic’ means ‘Living or growing in water’. That is not suitable because Hou Fei can survive outside of water, not to mention fly in the sky. I have considered that, and decided that ‘Water’ is a better word.

      As for Man Gan, I can understand what you mean, because I felt the same. The author had specifically used the character for ‘Pupil’ instead of ‘Eye’. However, I know how the English language typically tend to describe the colour of the pupils using the word ‘Eye’, (e.g. His eyes are blue). In this case, I think it is possible to change the general description of Man Gan, unless the scenes are specific. Let me do it when I return home from work.

      Thank you for your suggestions and comments.


  7. KNEW IT
    lier is from the godrealm a GODDES
    and the god of the gods is her father
    and probably she got abilities that strenghten her partner or their children(thats the reason all the gods want her)
    or she made herself look underdecent and looks 10000times better(Qin Yu said that she does look decent and that all maids and nobles were beautifull )
    godreal goditems confirmed!
    7books to go…….
    thanks for translating rylain
    at least someone does it


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