38 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 32

      • Lol abhinavzandubalm! I am always amuse at how you use the emocons. You always say something positive then all of a sudden I see the sad face at the end. So I am like…is he happy…or is he sad..?? Haha sorry did not mean it in a bad way, it is just odd and funny to me. 😀

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  1. Oh!!! gr8….. waiting for your superb translation , can you please put the status like 10% 20% 30% complete next to chapter. it might make my impatience down so that i won’t break ….hahaha


  2. Hey guys, I -might- manage to finish this chapter up tonight. It’s a 50-50 thing, so don’t keep your hopes up. Definitely will be done by tomorrow.

    However, I saw the chapter’s ending, and I can forsee the upcoming “WHEN IS THE NEXT CHAPTER COMING OUT!!!!1111!1one111!”

    I can only say that I will try my best, and if you hate cliffhangers, skip reading this chapter later for a few days until I release the next chapter.

    LoL !


    • I Hope u will finish it tonight bcz the other translator already release chapter 31 just a while ago……


      • Really people
        why are you asking him to do stuff faster when it is already free
        and it ain’t like he is in a contest over speed either
        just wait and let him do it at his own pace



      • Well, I am not really competing with them, because that would be bad for my health.

        However, finishing it tonight seems very likely. It should be done within four hours.


  3. well i know i this isn’t competition but still i like your site to be faster -l o l- …… though the quality of yours is definitely higher by a significant margin


  4. Thank you, to be fair i like your terminology more. it feels more fluid than the others but thats just my opinion^_^ Thanks for the hard work, Do you mind if someone posts a link to this post on Reddit?


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