29 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 30

  1. I am doing the proof-reading now, and simplified a few sentences to make it easier to read. Sorry about that.

    Edited this part: would it be possible for those large and powerful faction leaders who were behind the backs of the few great Emissaries…

    Edited this part: All those entertaining jobs and whatever else, leave them completely to the men that I am sending.

    All right, I finished proof-reading.


  2. Thanx for the chapter

    Just 2 comments
    – I believe that the word translated as “countless” should have an alternative meaning – something like “many” or “several”, based on the context
    – The name of the master of the second island is “Transform Into Stone” – based on the lack of descriptive names in the novel, shouldn’t you use the “original” (phonetic) name instead of a translation?


    • Hi Countzero,

      The reason why I did not use the phoenetic name for ‘Transform Into Stone’ was also due to Book 11 Chapter 15 (if I am correct), where the author explained why his name was such in the story.

      With regards to the term ‘countless’ being used, I will think it over again as I have also thought about that.

      Thank you for your comments.


    • Hi Countzero,

      Regarding the ‘countless’ issue, I have made the changes to those that were wrongly translated, and kept those which were correct.

      Thank you for pointing that out.


  3. Thanks for the chapter. Anyways when will the other chapter be released? I really am eager to read the other chapters.


    • It takes me an average of 10 hours to translate a chapter, and I usually get a chapter out every 2 or 3 days. Unless things get exciting, which I go into berserk mode and -try- to get it out in 1 day.

      I translate as I read along, so you can be assured that I do not know what happens 2 chapters ahead.

      EDIT: If you are talking about the release date for the Book 11 Chapter 31, I dare not list a date until I check my schedule in real life, because once I do, I am obliged under my own principles to finish it by that date. Unless something drastic happens. However, the average is 2 days a chapter. Usually.

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  4. WOOO

    “Within a short period of countless days”

    That doesn’t make much sense. I think some correction is needed.



    • Yeah, I agree as well. I am looking into the commonly used word ‘countless’ at the moment.

      Well, not really. I am translating Book 11 Chapter 31 at the moment, rather. I’ll think about the ‘countless’ issue tomorrow.


      • Hmm, wouldn’t Several work? Like
        “Within a short period of Several days”


      • It will work in this particular case. I’ll change it for this chapter then look into the others that were used in the earlier chapters tomorrow.

        Thank you.

        EDIT: Right, it does make more sense. I might replace it with the word ‘several’ tomorrow.


      • I will change it, because I think I mixed it up with 无数 which is the actual term for countless.

        It’s just that I don’t want to do it now since I’m in ‘translation mode’ with a weary mind. LoL !


      • Hi WHOOP WHOOP, Like da sound of the chapters,

        I have made the changes to those that were wrongly translated, and kept those which were correct.

        Thank you for your suggestion.


    • Hi abhinavzandubalm,

      I have made the changes to those that were wrongly translated, and kept those which were correct.

      Thank you for pointing that out.


  5. Thanks for the chapter bro, I really appreciate it.
    ST is my favourite LN, glad to see so many people taking interest into translating it.
    Keep up the awesome work.


    • Auction should begin at Book 11 Chapter 32, I think, since I don’t read ahead.

      Book 11 Chapter 31 is slightly amusing, which I think you will enjoy it quite a bit.

      Whether I will be able to rush it out today (09/03/2015) will depend on my boss…. shh…


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