22 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 29

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    This cliffhanger is killing me.
    Btw thanks for your speedy translations.
    Really appreciate it


  2. I also appreciate the quick translations. If I wasn’t reading about 5 novels at the same time right now, I would probably be acting like a junkie begging for this chapter lol. However, fortunately for all of us I am, so I can calmly say…. please, please, please get this out soon as you can. xDxDxD lol. Btw sucks that you gotta be at work so early in the morning where you are. Well drink lotsa coffee or something I guess and struggle through. Thanks for your hard work!


    • i think thats prolly the same thing keeping me from going crazy lol…reading other novels/books


  3. Hey guys, give me a few more hours. I will at the very least release until the part where the Heavenly Tribulations is over, which is about 70% of the chapter.

    EDIT: Meanwhile, go grab a meal or shower and take a short break from that F5 button.


    Thanks for the teaser rylain
    Much appreciated

    Sorry for being late to this teaser
    I was sleeping and just woke up
    I promise to be first next time



  5. Sorry guys, I’ll try to finish up this chapter by tonight as promised.

    I followed abhinavzandubalm’s suggestion, and the noticeboard I just created took some time, as well as work.


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