14 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 23

  1. Hi Zeke,

    Judging from the number of visitors and views I get, I thought this place is already public. LoL! Aequitas (I think it was him) did drop me a comment to see if I wanted to collaborate when I just started this blog. After considering all the different possibilities by myself, I selfishly declined.

    Firstly, I translate as I read along. No doubt that if I just focused entirely on reading, it would be way faster for me personally, but I don’t really mind translating because I am impressed by what He-man did. Since I translate as I read along, I don’t really like to be tied on a schedule, which usually comes with collaborating.

    Secondly, both Aequitas and I shared different viewpoints in terminology. He re-uses the terms He-man used, while I changed quite a bit of them due to the supposedly perfectionist side of me to want to keep things in line with Lore and accuracy and such stuff (I know there are people who don’t bother, and prefer to read ASAP) for this great story. My understanding of the Lore might be flawed, but I do try, and do updates when I discover mistakes. I do admit that the terms He-man used are very easy to understand (compared to mine) for people without background knowledge of Chinese Wuxia stuff, which is also why I did Quick Notes for reference.

    Thirdly, I do the translation manually, character for character, idiom (if I can identify) for idiom. This is so that I can try to retain the ‘ambiance’ as close as possible, in my personal opinion, to the Chinese text. I also rectify errors in the Chinese text if I spot any. Doing all these are very time consuming.

    So how does all these fit in my rejection to collaborate? Well, if I had to go through a translated work doing these, then wouldn’t it be sort of a ‘double job’ where I might as well have done it alone? Also, if we are to split between chapters, then there will definitely be differences in style of translation, accuracy, new terminologies, amongst others, which I, personally, will absolutely not be able to accept, and that will lead me to do Point Three, a.k.a. ‘double job’.

    Oh… Sorry, wall of text.

    Summary: I declined collaboration for selfish reasons to satisfy my own perfectionist ego.

    Personal Plans: Translate as I read along. Hopefully finish remaining part of novel. Then Translate from Book 1 Chapter 1 to complete everything. Then find something else to translate if I still feel up to it.

    Personal Opinions: Good luck to myself. I estimate it will take a few years.


    • I actually did not know what a Roc was until I played Heroes of Might and Magic 2.

      Thanks, Google sensei told me a Peng was a Roc. Guess I never considered that it could be Americanized.

      When I googled the images, they looked similar.

      I will come up with something about it, and will acknowledge the issue.


    • Thanks for the input diffy2. I have created a Glossary Page and included the description for the Peng in there:


      Images don’t belong to me though, I -cough- borrowed -cough- them from somewhere. I think it should be sufficient to visualise what the Peng is for everyone. I’ll now correct the translation for accuracy reasons.

      Once again, thank you for bringing it to my notice.


  2. WOOOO
    Thanks for the chapter rylain
    Much appreciated

    I believe that I missed the trailer as I was in Atlantic City
    Sorry for that
    I couldn’t comment and thank you
    I do so now with my gratitude



    • And whoops this was a trailer
      Due to the length I thought it was a chapter
      Sorry for that

      Thanks for the trailer rylain 😛
      Much appreciated



      • there’s this part which either seem to have some characters missing, or just simply a a vague part of a sentence.

        having a little problem deciding if i want to vaguely translate that part, or translate with a ‘fill in the blanks’ combined together.


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