9 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 20

  1. There’s a typo in the Chinese text. ‘万古长景’ 青帝 should be ‘万古长青’ 青帝. The former is not an idiom and translates to “‘Long Sceneries of the ages’ Emperor Qing”, while the later is an idiom and translates to “‘Eternally Verdant’ Emperor Qing”.

    Now I am having issues thinking of whether I should leave it as Emperor Qing or Green Emperor.


      • That’s because I am bilingual. I can read, understand, and speak both English and Mandarin. Which is also why I do most of the translation manually.

        That which I do not understand, I refer to Google Sensei. However, that’s not very often.

        I can tell when something doesn’t makes sense when I read, so I try to rectify it.

        EDIT: This chapter has quite a few serious typos. It’s taking quite some time due to that.


      • Ah ha
        Take your time
        I also think this will help you get used to IETs style of writing and help you translate faster
        OFC if you have any doubts that you think google sensei might not be able to answer you can go to the translators community and ask for some help but i suggest you keep that as a last response
        Doing it yourself is the most awesome 😀



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