5 comments on “Book 11 Chapter 16

  1. WOOO
    Thanks for the chapter
    Much appreciated

    As you might be knowing that this is a VERY VERY popular novel among the xianxia/wuxia community right now
    As leechers we highly appreciate the translation that you are doing for us

    As one of them myself I would like to try and help decrease the load on you
    But unfortunately as I can’t translate myself, BUT there are two other translators working on this project right now and it would be awesome if you could collaborate with them
    The link to the forum where stuff is being discussed

    Unless ofcourse you want to continue by yourself
    in which case I will be coming to this site regularly to keep you motivated 😀
    Cheers and thanks

    😡 <- this will be an obligatory ending from henceforth


    • Hi abhinavzandubalm,

      Yes I had already been informed of two other translators working on the translation for Stellar Transformation.

      I do appreciate their contribution to the translation community, but at the moment I prefer to translate as I read along at my own pace.

      I hope that you will be able to forgive the minor differences between translations as different people might be looking at the written scene differently.

      I do also re-edit some minor things once I come across new information, so if you do come across any errors, feel free to leave behind a comment so that I can review it.

      Thank you for visiting.


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